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    RAZBAM **update**

    RAZBAM has started a monthly YouTube update....



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    September Update


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    New update up


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    November **Update**


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    ***January Update***


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    Thanks for staying on top of all things DCS Phantom! Seeing the items Razbam is putting forth, I admittedly am taking them back into my good graces as a developer. I think it was a mature decision to take the additional time to make the MiG19 a finalized product versus a WIP as so many other DCS titles have become over the years, and still are.
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    You're Welcome,I Agree,I'd rather wait for a more polished product.


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    Thanks for posting this Patrick. Great to hear the improvements on the Mirage. I haven't flown it in a while, but really enjoy the Mirage, especially when getting right in to the systems via the campaigns. I just picked up another Razbam model too, the Mig-19. I thought I should use my bonus points before I lose them so I picked it up in the Bonus Sale just a few days ago.

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    Thank You Scott,Nice picking up that Mig,I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


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    ***Haven't been video updates in a while***but here are some Falklands WIP Shots***

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    ***Christmas Update***
    Merry Christmas fellow Simmers.

    Just a quick message from the Razbam team wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. We have officially broken up for the holidays and can’t wait to get back to work for what will be an awesome 2020 for us.

    Let’s talk about 2019 first. Yes we had our ups and downs and introduced a lot of changes as a business, We introduced the awesome MiG-19, our new Bug tracker to provide better transparency on the issues we are working on, the all new Discord channel allowing our customers another avenue to discuss our passion and most importantly we welcomed new members to the family including Leonardo our new coder.

    Last year we made a promise to complete our modules, this is STILL our top priory moving into Q1.
    We also provided you with the all new Harrier and Mirage cockpit textures and introduced new features such as the JDAM’s for the Harrier. And the all new Radio, NVG, ECM panel for the Mirage.

    These aircraft are still being worked on and will continue to be our focus moving into 2020, the all new bug tracker now shows you what we are working on, the state of testing and when the will be released to Open Beta.

    So, what are we looking forward to next year?
    In 2020 we aim to have all our modules finished with all new Sounds packs for the Mirage and Harrier; we are also very excited to continue working on the following Modules:

    • South Atlantic Map
    • F15-E Strike Eagle
    • Mig-23 Flogger
    • Super Tucano
    • FRS1 Sea Harrier


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    Lets try that again


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