Ships, Ships and More ships...
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Thread: Ships, Ships and More ships...

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    Ships, Ships and More ships...

    For some odd reason I've become infatuated with adding ships to FSX once again. This was probably the result of adding all the amazing modern ship traffic files by Henrik.

    To date, I have converted several hundred ships of all eras (from FS2K2, CFS and FS9). I've been experimenting with textures, effects and air files to achieve some nice results.

    My current focus has been on converting many of the recent CFS ships here on SOH so that I can create a variety of different fleet experiences -- anchorages, convoys, Fleet Week cruises etc..

    Anyway, I thought I'd share some pics of some on this thread.

    To start off here's a quick shot of Stuart's recent RM Bolzano cruiser (now with smoke, bow and wake effects...lights next) undergoing her sea trials...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails RM_Bolzano_1939_3.jpg  

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    They look awesome!! Would really like to see the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) back "in service" again. Great work, thank YOU ! 😁 NC

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    Thank you. Of course all I did was tweak things so in no way can I claim credit for anything other than a few cups of coffee and some creative energy. The reall credit goes to Stuart and the many other fine designers whose work I've been enjoying.

    As for the Indianapolis, I've already got her and many others sailing happily in the game.

    I'm not sure why my screenshot isn't displaying its full size. My original was much larger. Can anybody help me with that, as I'd like to share some other ship pictures but the small size doesn't really show them off.


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    as a suggestion, regarding the screenshots. If you sign up to Dropbox, you can upload the screenshots there (no affiliation...). You easily can create a link for a screenshot then, and add it to the post by clicking in the "insert Image" button, then selecting "Insert Image from URL". Remove the checker from the check box "Retrieve remote file and reference locally". Copy the link into the url field. Then, you have to change the last digit of the url from 0 to . 1 E.g.

    dl=0 to dl=1

    It's a bit awkward, but once you've done it a few times it becomes natural.

    Good thing about Dropbox is that the links don't expire and as long as you have the account and the files are residing there, there won't be any broken links, which is quite a nuisance with some other photo hosters. And the images are as big as the SOH Interface allows, or the resolution of the user's system.

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