2D-3D panels in CFS3
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Thread: 2D-3D panels in CFS3

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    2D-3D panels in CFS3

    just presenting a quick sample of a 2D panel with specular and normal map (Ankor Shaders).

    for a test I took a screenshot from DCS, did two flat layers (rectangles) in gmax. main cockpit texture + glass. next I made a specular map and normal map from the texture. its exported as a common CFS3 virtual cockpit md3, so it can be planted with common working gauges, dynamic reticle etc. easy to do.

    to get a lot more 3d like effect, the main object texture can be more layers, oval shape, sphere, a box... its up the creator, how much it needs to act like a panoramatic view.

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    Wow nice!..2D with 3D effect !
    will you make 2D pit too mate ? i like 2D pit! and it's a lot better than unfinished 3D pit
    i remember using one of AEYES product for falcon and till now still feels much joy with 2D panel,interior and stuff

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    Remarkable. Would never have guessed it is 2D . What parts of what we are looking at are 2D, exactly? Is it the instrument panel, or does it include more of the view of the cockpit interior?

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    @wiekniera: I could try to do such 2D VC panel for some of my wip projects, eg. the Hs 132 dive bomber, still I am faster to make 3d stuff comparing to such kind of 2D art

    ideal would be to have a wide screen image source or even 360% view in highres quality, as source. but there always can be copyright issues. some of gauchos 2D panels would be pretty usable. and he did for me a MiG-15 panel.

    the attached sample above is taken from commercial game and I can say all the latest combat flightsims having great cockpits, but such sources we just cant use.

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    @Daiwilletti: yeah, I agree its because the source image is great itself
    and when Aknor Shaders installed, it renders dynamic shadows over the panel, bumpy surface and reflexivity / specularity.

    the shots above presents a pure 2D image applied on a flat rectangle 3D object. thats all

    for our sample the view is "locked" in .xdp file with current settings to do not go from the image edge limits (tested for 1920x1080 screen resolution). with CFS3 Ankor Shaders (2018 release) it is not fully sticky on the screen as it would be in case of standard 2D panel feature (eg. in CFS2), but it produces a head movement effect, you can zoom in/out... because it is a CFS3 virtual cockpit infact

    if I would like to plant it with working gauges (with gmax), I would cutout the original gauges from the paint, filled such holes with a 90 glass transparency and then I would place all the flat 3d gauges behind this flat panel base. in this case it would look very realistic.

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    Having not used CFS2 for ages, are there not good 2D cpits you could use?

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