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Thread: RAF Brüggen - first impressions

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    Great work on the bumps Manchy!

    They may need a bit of a toning down in intensity imho, but you seem to have gotten the hang of it.

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    Thank you all!

    @Dimus: Yes you are quite right. Especially the bright concrete looks a little too rough. Using that material, no air base will grant its premission to any aircraft.

    @DL: I run the JF Tonka in P3Dv4 (reply #17) and man, it's worth each cent to my opinion - even if my rig is far away from latest performance (3.7 Ghz in turbo...)

    Because the air base represents the late 80s, I would suggest any kind of Tornados indeed, when you are purposing to use Brüggen as your home base.

    But I notice you are from Vancouver, Canada.
    Those days, a lot of canadian visitors had taken an active part in many NATO exercises, so I also can imagine many RCAF aircraft like Starfighter or C-130, but also F-18. Lots of alternatives you see and fun anyway....
    See you, Manfred.

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    Hope next weeks I can do some more final steps (setting fences, final cars, 3-D grass, corrections to some bleeding ground polys...). Was really hard weeks in life so only few minutes left to get my hands on Brüggen last months.
    Just to keep you in line and a proof of a living project some overviews and how the whole airfield is fitting into the surrounding ORBX-area... And that a high level of details needs some time for realisation...

    See you, Manfred.

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    That is looking amazing. Nice work and thanks for the previews.

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    Your work is nothing short of amazing! I can sympathize with real life problems. I hope you are able to solve whatever problems you are dealing with. NC

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    Thank you very much, NC.

    There are no problems I can't deal with, but a change of occupation and a lot of time investment regarding this.
    I feel optimistic about a faster and more concentrating ongoing work on this project the next weeks again...
    See you, Manfred.

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    waiting patiently for this one because it looks utterly amazing.

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    Thank you very much.

    Here some few more shots "behind the scenes" which show the amount of details...damn, Brüggen is almost a town....

    See you, Manfred.

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    Looks absolutely stunning. I've recently gotten into flying in VR and flying the JF Tornado in VR is amazing so having a detailed home base like this will be fantastic. Keep up the fantastic work.

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    So realistic and incredibly detailed! I will probably spend a lot of time, driving around through the town. I'll need to find a good vehicle! Although I've had vehicles installed before, I don't have any currently. NC

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    really looking good , very good !!

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    Fantastic work Manfred! I can appreciate the endless hours you have spent on making this!

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    "Currently, there are no usable AI Jaguars unfortunately"

    MAIW have a very acceptable Jaguar Manschy. Cannot find any RAF Germany repaints though.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2019-11-18_19-16-4-680.jpg   2019-11-18_19-30-16-542.jpg  

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    Manfred wrote "Currently, there are no usable AI Jaguars unfortunately" before the FSX/P3D Jaguars were released. I made a couple of Laarbruch 2 Sqn paints for that release, together with an updated paintkit. Afaik there are no Bruggen Sqn paints yet.


    Quote Originally Posted by shotgunshack View Post
    "Currently, there are no usable AI Jaguars unfortunately"

    MAIW have a very acceptable Jaguar Manschy. Cannot find any RAF Germany repaints though.

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