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Thread: RAF Brüggen - first impressions

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    Great work on the bumps Manchy!

    They may need a bit of a toning down in intensity imho, but you seem to have gotten the hang of it.

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    Thank you all!

    @Dimus: Yes you are quite right. Especially the bright concrete looks a little too rough. Using that material, no air base will grant its premission to any aircraft.

    @DL: I run the JF Tonka in P3Dv4 (reply #17) and man, it's worth each cent to my opinion - even if my rig is far away from latest performance (3.7 Ghz in turbo...)

    Because the air base represents the late 80s, I would suggest any kind of Tornados indeed, when you are purposing to use Brüggen as your home base.

    But I notice you are from Vancouver, Canada.
    Those days, a lot of canadian visitors had taken an active part in many NATO exercises, so I also can imagine many RCAF aircraft like Starfighter or C-130, but also F-18. Lots of alternatives you see and fun anyway....
    See you, Manfred.

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