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Thread: P3D/P4D screenshots redux...oops!

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    Not often I get to say WOW!

    EasyJet just expanded to Canada... in my mind. Inspired after the TV show. LOL
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    John Terrell
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    We are sailing.....


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    This may be overdoing the PBR bit ... but I like the idea of recalling an old workhorse to life and sending it on a humanitarian mission --

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    That looks awesome Manfred! I take it that is a new model you've made , because I just tried the old that was released as an update for FSX this past weekend and it had all kinds of probelms? Well, mainly the cargo doors missing.

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    Dino's wonderful S-3 Viking doing ops on the soon-to-be-released SWS Nimitz... NC

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhazelgrove View Post

    We are sailing.....

    Good to see the old girl is still getting used Dave!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sketchy View Post
    Good to see the old girl is still getting used Dave!
    It's the Milviz F-4J masquerading as a genuine F-4K (if only.....).
    The deck under her is actually the Flying Stations Ark Royal IV.

    All seeming perfectly happy in P3Dv4.5


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    It's all in the details and the Leonardo MD80 has plenty. Flies perfectly since the 4.5 update, no stutters or flickering at all.

    My usual test venue is Edwards.

    And just for variety, the 'Mighty Vulcan' somewhere over the UK.
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Patuxent River Phantoms all lined up.

    And this is what they looked like on Pax River's flight line, when I worked there in the mid 1970s. This is Milviz and Simworks Phantoms, mixed. NC

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    Looks good, flies good, best price!
    Than you Rob R.
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Evening flight around Duxford.

    WarbirdSim P-51D Mustang, Bald Eagle repaint by John Terrell.
    Orbx TrueEarth GB South with ACG Duxford.

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    One of Zsolt's repaints on the Milviz F-4J.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dhazelgrove View Post

    One of Zsolt's repaints on the Milviz F-4J.

    Zsolt's paints are so great! NC

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    Where do you download Zsolt's paints?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundog View Post
    Where do you download Zsolt's paints?
    I don't know if all of Zsolt's great repaints are in SOH's Warbirds library, but a lot of them are. Also check Milviz's forum:



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    Thanks, I never knew Milviz had a forum. I usually just go there to buy stuff.

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    A different VMFA-232 skin.

    I need one of these in both 'lizard' and 'ghost' schemes.


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    malaysian cost guard

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhazelgrove View Post

    A different VMFA-232 skin.

    I need one of these in both 'lizard' and 'ghost' schemes.

    Wow, Dave!!
    Thanks for some time walking down Memory Lane!

    My last squadron while I was Active Duty was VMFA-333. Our "sister" squadron was VMFA-232. We called them Two Thirty Stupid
    I got out just as 333 was transitioning to the F/A-18's. I just did NOT want to be deployed 8 months, or more, per year.

    Then, after I got out, I went to work for VMFAT-401. Actually, I went to work for 401 while I was on Terminal Leave. Nice drawing 2 paychecks at a time!
    The only thing was, at the time they first stood up (I am a Plank Holder with 401), 401 was flying Kfirs, an Israeli plane. We had Israeli workcenter supervisors, American pilots, and American worker-bees (me ). It was kinda interesting, interfacing with another culture, language (I actually learned a fair amount of Hebrew!), and so on. We HAD to be finished, and gone, by sunset every day, and especially on Friday, arguments were loud and very vociferous, things like that.
    They did introduce the aircraft shelters you now see everywhere. I had never seen one until then. As far as I know, it was an Israeli innovation. They were really a good thing in the desert of Yuma. What a difference, not having to worry about getting a second degree burn just by touching a plane's surface with bare skin during the afternoon. That is no exaggeration, either. It happened all the time in Yuma, especially with newby Plane Captains.
    They spread like a wildfire throughout the Corps, then the rest of the services.
    Just as I departed for a better paying job with the Aerostat program, they were transitioning to the F-5's. I didn't get to work on them a lot, but I got some time. They were a maintenance dream, they really were. Very easy to work on.

    Anywho, thanks for the pics, Dave. Great memories.
    Fly Free, always!
    Sgt of Marines
    USMC, 10 years proud service.
    Inactive now...

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    C130 - sahara country

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