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    Took the plunge!

    Got my 8 dvd's today, sure glad I didn't have to dl that whole package,lol Going to keep it basic for a while, until I get a handle on what's going on. Want to see the basic look of the sim, before I decide if I want to go into the higher detail mesh and textures, my machine passed the requirements by a lot, so should run it just fine, depending on the settings I use. I know of a lot of plugin's that are suggested to use, but want to get my feet wet first, before I dive into all that stuff.

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    Welcome to the DARK SIDE! X-Plane is an awesome 64 bit platform! Enjoy at your leisure.
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    Thanks, looking forward to getting into it!!

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    ​Also took the plunge today. Now to do some reading to get up to speed.


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    Welcome AussieMan...lots of free world HD Scenery, aircraft, traffic, etc., I recommend a trip to as well.
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    You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of freeware out there. Especially try Mr. X sceneries.

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    One of the things I enjoy about x plane 11 is I spend more time flying than waiting for things to load... a draw back I find with FSX. I keep finding freeware jems on xplane org... like a PBY Catalina that was payware but is now freeware... wonderful and a delight to fly... and the Aeroworx conversion of manfreds DC-3 is superb too.


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