P-51 vs. BF109 (Food Fight!)
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Thread: P-51 vs. BF109 (Food Fight!)

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    P-51 vs. BF109 (Food Fight!)

    This guy has a lot of very interesting videos on the U-Tube out there. I started out watching his F4F-3 video, and was going to post that one, but then I watched this one and decided it was more likely to start an argument here, so I'm, posting this one, hehe. He also appears to be aware, to some degree, of how we flight sim people spend endless hours hand wringing over these very issues, perhaps no more so here than among the rule makers of annual RTW Race. How fast can it go? Well, it's never quite as simple as we would like it to be, is it? Very good stuff here. And watch his other videos too.

    - Paul

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    Thanks, I really enjoyed that video. I'm definitely going to watch more of them.

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    That was a really interesting video.
    Very Respectfully,

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    High performance supercharged engines wasn't much of a german forté for various reasons. Lack of planning, lack of interest, lack of resources. Until the air war got into the upper flight levels, there even wasn't much, if any, need.

    (Only skipped through.)

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