Happy Birthday Hubbabubba
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Thread: Happy Birthday Hubbabubba

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    Happy Birthday Hubbabubba

    Happy birthday sir, Have a great one
    "Laissez les bon temps rouler"

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    Happy Birthday, Hubbabubba!

    Hope things are Well.

    - Ivan.

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    Hello Hubbabubba,
    All the Best Wishes!
    I hope you had a nice party!
    "Why make it simple if you can also make it complicated?"

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    Thanks guys, but getting at 62 was a short-n-sweet affair. We were under a heat wave that lasted a week and killed over 50 peoples in the Province.

    So, no hoopla.

    I won't bother you with Celsius degrees and humidex factor but, in today's newspaper, a migrant from Bangladesh was calling that heat wave the worst he ever lived through!

    And getting 62 is nothing you can get excited about, wait until I'm 69...
    Torture numbers and they'll say anything.

    Hubbabubba, Touche à tout.

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    to the birdy boy

    happy birthday to you and lang may your lum reek
    [may your chimney smoke forever=long life]

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