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    Icon14 Fans with an attitude!

    No, not British football supporters - we KNOW they have attitude!

    I was shopping for a ceiling fan to replace our current 25-yr-old model that is gradually heading toward a motor failure...

    and I found these


    Thinking the Warhawk needs a couple of high-intensity red LEDs attached'above' the exhaust ports and Bluetooth-connected to an alarm clock
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WB348TS3.jpg   WB448GG4.jpg   WB242BS2.jpg   WB242SC2.jpg  

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    Wow !!!

    I want's one.


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    It's rather amusing that each of the descriptions end "Blades included..." How silly would it be to sell a FAN without blades???
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    For the price they want for those fans, they should be able to install themselves..... NC

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