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    Sea Hurricane

    Spit 9

    Mirage III OE

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    Dewoitine D520

    LET 410


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    Matt, can you maybe trade some quantity in screenshots for quality please?
    Like getting interesting perspectives by pausing the sim and using the free camera ("C" key). Or maybe tie some stories or more information to the captions instead of just the airplane type.

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    I didn't know there were rules and regulations to posting screenshots other than file size.

    I don't mind Matt posting his screenies, as I often just like looking at screenshots. Also, if I do want to know more about a specific screenshot, then I will post my question.
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    Matt and everybody else is free to disregard my question, opinion and suggestion.

    Yet, X-Plane makes it easy to take interesting and varied screenshots, so why not make use of that capability?

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    BBest kept secret in X-Plane

    having been the designer of the famed AeroCommander 500s Shrike, Ted Smith set about designing an all new plane in the 60s and in 1967 the Aerostar was born.. Over the next few years, the Aerostar would see itself owned by several companies including Butler Aviation ( mooney ) and Piper. Under Piper, the Aerostar became known first as the PA-60 and then later with pressurization, the PA-601P. This rendition of Teds prototype aircraft is perhaps one of the most faithful reproductions I have seen and its a total joy to fly. i couldnt recommend it more.

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    My screenies are not the quality of oters but here it goes!

    T-80 Falcon II freeware

    Gulfstream GIV over Malta

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    I'm sorry. I'm just totally in love with every aspect of this plane. Its simply wonderful .

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    New freeware P-38 at x-plane.org

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