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    DWS F16 payware

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    DH (Dom Henry) Mosquito

    ASDG Super Cub

    SkunkCrafts P51

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    Since most threads are pretty much dead except for msfs, here's some X-plane action
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails AvroRJ100 - 2020.jpg   FA_50 - 2020-08-24 20.31.19.jpg   FJS_732_TwinJet - 2020-10-2.jpg   VSL LongEZ - 2020-1.jpg  

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    ME109E -freeware

    Khamsin Chipmunk -payware

    Virtavia Sea King -payware

    Dom Henry Sopwith Camel -freeware

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    HSL (Helicopter Sling Load) freeware Plugin adds interest with Choppers

    Sea King safely down

    AWX DC3 - freeware

    Flying Iron P38 -payware

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    Dom Henry Buffalo (Freeware)

    DWS F16 (Payware)

    SMS Beaver (Payware)

    Super Etendard (Freeware)

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    AOA F35A (Payware)

    Dom Henry Sopwith Camel (Freeware)

    Northrop B2 (Freeware)

    A4 Skyhawk (Freeware)

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    FJS 727 tribute to the two airports that kept Westberlin connected to the outside.

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    Spitfire Mk1a WIP... another of my models going through Dom Henry's workshop for XP11 conversion

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    Dreamfoil S300 cbi - payware

    Sopwith Camel - freeware

    DWS F16C - payware

    Wessex - freeware

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    Morning arrival at PAJN. Did the approach the first time and it went better than I thought despite the typical local weather. The Volumetric Cloud plugin did a really good job here.

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    P-40E WIP shots

    Here is an update on the P-40E WIP. I got the PBR and lights to work on the P-40E, Landing gear is now working correctly and I have a start on a 3-D immersive cockpit. The cockpit is still early and the panel not aligned correctly yet but the instruments work correctly. Still working toward a alpha release.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails P-40E_warhawk - 2020-11-21 4.12.41 PM.jpg   P-40E_warhawk - 2020-11-21 4.13.35 PM.jpg   P-40E_warhawk - 2020-11-21 4.18.11 PM.jpg   P-40E_warhawk - 2020-11-21 4.15.06 PM.jpg  

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    P-40 looking goooood

    some WW1 aircraft in XP11. Sopwith triplane is XP10 model but seem ok in XP11.5 with Vulkan. Its tricky to start but with some help from the manual...

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    Freeware Spit Mk1a WIP.

    Getting ready to test dead stick handling

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    Work continues on the Spit but we are making headway...

    92 Squadron QJB (late Battle of Britain style markings but still with early canopy and De Haviland Prop... climbing out and coming back in

    72 Squadron RND. Late style canopy and Fishtail Exhausts...

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    Sopwith Fest... Triplane and Camel

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20201124171947_1.jpg   20201201162549_1.jpg   20201201163328_1.jpg   20201201163806_1.jpg  

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