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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20190216114849_1.jpg   20190214195530_1.jpg   20190214164937_1.jpg   20190131171026_1.jpg  

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    where is the old crow p51 from? only p51 i could find didnt seem to have it,that said it did look alot like johns set from fsx/p3d

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    Its the SkunkCrafts Payware P-51D

    and this is the Repaint...


    The guy who did this excellent repaint has done several others that are very good.


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    More of the SkunkCrafts P-51D

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20190209165747_1.jpg   20190218172903_1.jpg   20190216162314_1.jpg   20190216122413_1.jpg  

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20190123165421_1.jpg   20181231165552_1.jpg   20181231164202_1.jpg   20181231142246_1.jpg  

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20190207204620_1.jpg   20190126145408_1.jpg   20190124181216_1.jpg   20190124175237_1.jpg  

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    I've come to love this thing. Honestly, if i had the opportunity, I'd buy one in real life. It's perfect in X-Plane. and perhaps the most docile and easily controlled aircraft i have ever encountered. Amazing little aircraft..

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    Those are all awesome screenshots... But what planes are they?
    Clearly, I know what planes they depict, but who made the models?

    I'm new to X-Plane, just installed it a couple of days ago and I'm finding my way around what's out there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingsCool View Post
    Those are all awesome screenshots... But what planes are they?
    Clearly, I know what planes they depict, but who made the models?

    I'm new to X-Plane, just installed it a couple of days ago and I'm finding my way around what's out there...
    Hi FlyingsCool.. welcome to X-Plane.
    For my pics, the topmost red and qhite push-pull with the cardinal on the tail, is the old and venerable Carenado, c337 Skymaster ( https://store.x-plane.org/C337-Skyma...ies_p_182.html ).

    The set directly above, is the Alabeo Waco YMF5 ( https://store.x-plane.org/WACO-YMF5_p_207.html ).

    Most of my planes can be gotten from x-plane.org as either payware like above, or freeware, of which there are some amazingly high quality models like the LET-410 and some not so great as well. There is also the Org store with hundreds of fine to superlative aircraft are available, as well as some not so fine and underwhelming aircraft. Buyer beware. Do your homework first before you buy.

    YouTube has tons of videos on various planes by some outstanding conttributors like Q8 Pilot or Thomas Rasmunsen, and a quick seaarch there will lead you too videos pn almost anything your interesed in.

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    Second Warchild. The X-plane.org site has great freeware you can download. Be sure to see any reviews or comments by others. The 5 star rating system doesn’t work well as most everything is rated 5 stars. there are some great pay ware aircraft at the .org store, again, read the reviews.

    you must download libraries if you want to use freeware scenery. Most are listed in the scenery description.

    Have fun!

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    That B-25 is GORGEOUS! Found it on Xplane.org, will definitely be checking that out. Mostly interested in planes that have realistic VC, and planes I'd like to actually fly someday. Hoping I met get some hours (1 even) in Tondelayo this summer.... The SoulSim Beaver has my eye, too, that's another dream plane of mine Only a couple days in and it looks like I already need to come up with a couple $100

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    I've been working on this for the past few days now. I had this kinda "Out of Africa" "Ghost and the Darkness" safari thing going; I wanted it simple, clean and classy. Hope I achieved that. Hope you enjoy..

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    Very nice Pam. . ."Ghost and the Darkness". . .excellent movie by the way.
    USAF Retired, 301st Fighter Wing, Carswell AFB, Texas
    My SOH Uploads: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...erid=83&sort=d

    Current System Specs:
    X-Plane 11.26 and FSX/Accel | Windows10 64bit
    Motherboard: MSI760GM-E51(MS-7596)
    CPU: 3.9GHz AMD FX-4300 Quad-Core | RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333
    GPU: NVidia GTX 970 (4GB GDDR5)

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    Oustanding Pam...love the theme!
    Vivat Christus Rex! Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

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    Thanks guys .. I really appreciate it.. But wait'll you take a gander at these. I Feel like such a pig for taking up so much space, but i had to share.. Normally, I fly out of San Jose or San Francisco when i'm either testing or fooling around, but today, I decided to come home to Bend Oregon, and fly out to the mountains. I think they missed me. I have never seen quite the show they put on for me. All dressed in their misty white it was almost like flying through a dream. I had to share.. I hope you like them..

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    Some beautiful shots there. The Oregon area has some outstanding areas to fly in. Love the PNW and love to visit the area but I do get homesick for the desert after a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b52bob View Post
    Some beautiful shots there. The Oregon area has some outstanding areas to fly in. Love the PNW and love to visit the area but I do get homesick for the desert after a while.
    heheh. I can appreiate that. I grew up in Northern Illinois. Nothing there except a prairie flatter than an ironing board, too big of a sky, threatening clouds, and the occasional tornado ::LOL::. It was the tornados that convinced me i didnt belong there no more.. Here, i live on that almost un-noticeable line between the forested mountains in the pics, and the high desert. I've kinda got the best, and worst, of both types pf landscape. I favor the mountains, but at 11000 feet, they be big. real big. and except for north sister who we're fairly certain is extinct, theyre all on the warm side and could blow at any time.. Oh well.. ::LOL::

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    Quote Originally Posted by txnetcop View Post
    X-Plane has really come into its own now. It's easy to use, easy to setup, and looks fantastic! I'll be glad when ATC gets added..
    I would not call it "Easy to setup". I've spent a week on it and I'm not even close to having my rig set up. And the 30 file limit at X-plane.org is killing me. Maybe I can circumvent that if I donate?

    It does look good, in some ways much better than FSX, in others much worse, but I am figuring it out.

    My biggest pet peeves so far... Flight dynamics I'm not finding as being any more accurate than FSX, unlike what I was expecting. Granted, I'm not looking at edge of the envelope stuff. This is merely standard take offs, turns, landing, taxiing, approach, etc.. Too me, controlling in flight is "game like" for most of the planes I've tried. Hopefully I can fix that by changing the sensitivity curves of my controllers? When I fly, a lot of the planes I've tried bob like a bobblehead and react to the slightest input immediately. The planes I've flown (Cessnas, Pipers, etc.) tend to react with some resistance so you have to anticipate when to stop with control input ahead of where the plane is. The planes I fly in FSX react closer to this than what I've seen so far in X-Plane. Handling in the water is horrible. Weather, haven't even touched that yet, but seems it's not there yet really, at least not without a bunch of work. The shore lines look HORRIBLE. Worse than FS out of the box, and that's saying something. I did try and get the Ortho4XP stuff working, but my computer crashes when I've tried to process the jpg's, so I'll have to figure out what's up with that, and that'll likely fix that problem? (My desktop is circa 2010 overclocked to 3.8 GHz, 2GB GTX 1050, 18 GB memory, Windows 7 Pro).

    Point is... I've been using flight simulators for over 30 years, X-Plane is NOT plug and play if you have expectations similar to what you can get with FSX. There's very few planes where I trust the flight model to be accurate. I know I'll get there, but, for me anyway, it's not easy or straightforward, or ready out of the box, and figuring out what's compatible with my version (11.32) and getting it all working. It's a lot of work. Hopefully someday we'll get to a point where there's a standard setup so newbies can get up and going quickly.

    Haha, yesterday, X-Plane decided to try to use a Corsair I installed as AI; it taxied out to the runway ok, but every time it tried to take off, it would groundloop into the grass within 50 yards, it would taxi back to the runway, try again, pirouetting down the runway. The Cessna in line behind him finally got fed up and took off when the Corsair was far enough down the runway...
    Not that that bothers me, something I've likely got to fix in the plane itself to get it up to 11.3 standards, but it was kind of funny to me. Poor Corsair pilot....

    Definitely some beautiful screenshots here though... I'm getting there.

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