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Thread: Analysing and modifying the AFX file with QBasic.

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    Hello Ivan,
    OK, will do, no problem. Iīve just deleted my last post there. It appears I was
    just in time.
    The last thing I want to do is interefere with your project.

    You are totally correct in saying that the information isnīt terribly hard to find.
    Actually, I had already seen all you posted on your Airacobra thread. That was
    the reason behind my comment there:

    "You have certainly put together a good summary of the different models."
    I just thought my question would be more on topic on that thread, but donīt
    worry, Iīm just as happy to stick to this one.

    So, as I fortunately donīt seem to be stepping on your feet, Iīll go for the
    P-39D-D2, with its 1325 Hp engine, although whether I upload it or not will
    depend on the success of my planned modifications.

    Regarding progress with the model itself, once the negative decimal rounding
    factor was solved, it looks like shifting the Centre of Rotation with AF99, or
    by Modifying it with an external Moving Program, has the same effect all round,
    i.e. texture mapping, landing gear locations in the .air file, and animations, as
    was to be expected.

    At the moment Iīm working on the transparent canopy and checking the correct
    height for the rear-fuselage and tail-empenage, to correct that shape.

    "Why make it simple if you can also make it complicated?"

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    Hello Ivan,
    I have just found an interesting performance test document, on the different
    P-39 models, hand-written in blue pencil, which you may have come across too.

    It is the last one on a list of links at the very end of this page:

    It has extensive details - manifold pressures, RPM and speeds for different powers
    at different altitudes. The first column corresponds to the P-39D-D2 with its 1325 Hp
    engine, so thereīs
    more than enough information I need for the .air file!

    "Why make it simple if you can also make it complicated?"

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