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    I think it's because you have Adobe PDF reader installed, and the file extension of the Air file is set to that.
    Check your file extentions settings in Windows and delete that entry, or in install Adobe as a test.

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    Hello zswobbie1,
    Welcome to the conversation about old hardware. It is certainly a pleasant surprise to see that thereīs more than just 2 of us interested!

    Hello Ivan,
    Even though the K6 is quite heat resistant, Iīd put on an extra extractor fan. I remember the heat-sink disengaging slightly due to a knock (while turned off) on my K6-II in 1999, and it sat badly on the CPU for some weeks before I noticed... It never complained, even though the aluminium chip surface went slightly grey... brave Chip!

    As soon as I get to investigating the .air file, Iīll see. I suppose you are using a CFS1 .air file, as you expect a supercharger to work, and it doesnīt. Iīm still a bit busy re-doing the stretching and the CoG positioning on the model, but Iīll see about the .air file after that! I also put a CFS1 one in a while back, although the FS98 one flies really well. Christoph Ruhrtenberg had a knack to get the flying feeling nicely done, and flyable.

    Regarding old, old hardware, here it seems impossible to get hold of anything older than 10-15 years. No Pentium 1, 2 or 3 machines around anymore! Those most probably get thown out, and the people left who still have them, keep them!

    Bad news on the motherboard with the CPU named after Gaius SEMPRONius Gracchus: It has defective sound, and LAN only works with the Win7 demo on it, not with my WinXP (but thatīs probably only the configuration).
    I could put in my Win7, but without the sound...

    I could also put on Win98, as I have some Win98 sound cards... but too complicated, because I was given a second discard computer at the same time:

    A machine with a Pentium 4 at 2.8 Ghz ...which started, and stopped!
    It was only the power supply though, so I put in the one from my fall-back 2.6 Ghz Pentium 4, and now it works! Now Iīm downloading the drivers to see if all else also works.

    Itīa Prescott Pentium 4, so it can even take a 3.0 Ghz Pentium 4 CPU I rescued from an old machine they didnīt put in a case fan for, killing the Mobo. How exciting, after the disappointment with the Sempronius machine.

    The drivers went fine, and the Prescott 2.8 CPU it came with did too, at 7900 MIPS. Then I put in the 3.0 CPU and itīs even better, at 9200 MIPS! The sound is also fine, and Iīve just put in WinXP SP3. It looks like itīs a good machine. Letīs see if it doesnīt cave in in a while... I canīt get the Ethernet configured though, but itīs just as well - it wonīt be connected to Internet anyway - better without the anti-virus.

    Now I have to find a new home for the 2.6 Ghz Pentium 4... Itīs difficult, as nobody here really wants them anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zswobbie1 View Post
    I think it's because you have Adobe PDF reader installed, and the file extension of the Air file is set to that.
    Check your file extentions settings in Windows and delete that entry, or in install Adobe as a test.
    Hello zswobbie1,

    Welcome to the discussion.
    I am pretty certain it isn't a file association problem with the .AIR extension.
    The reason why is because I have the association set for FDEditor.
    That lets me double-click on an AIR file and it comes up in the Flight Dynamics Editor.
    Also, the Game Computer in my Living Room does not actually have Adobe Reader or Adobe anything installed that I know of.

    Also the problem is not that my tools can't read or edit AIR files.
    CFS also has no trouble reading the AIR file well enough to show the changes that I am making, except for the Supercharger. It is acting as if none of the aircraft have Superchargers.
    Next step is to check with absolutely stock AIR files instead of lightly modified ones.

    Hello Aleatorylamp,

    You know of course that the Gracchi had rather violent deaths. I believe both were killed in the Senate but many years apart.
    A Pentium 4 discard would be good right about now.

    Next step is probably to uninstall and reinstall Combat Flight Simulator on the Game Machine.

    - Ivan.

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    I finally figured out what was wrong.
    The Auto Mixture was not enabled.
    This got to be pretty obvious when I tested with one of the older aeroplanes at about 15,000 feet.
    The Engine stalled and I have never seen that happen at practical altitudes because of a Supercharger.
    The power was dropping with altitude but the manifold pressure was not which was the second hint as to what was actually happening.

    Most of the more modern military types of this era had automatic mixture settings.
    Typically the setting would be Auto-Lean for cruise and Auto-Rich for maximum power.
    I wonder if this can be simulated with a custom Gauge?

    - Ivan.

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