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    It will be a while before I can open up the box to see what is wrong.

    - Ivan.

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    As for the Disk Failure on the Development Machine, if I cannot recover any data, I may be down for months or even a year because I only have some source code archives dating back about a year or so. Data analysis I have been doing would be completely gone.

    I can't even begin to look at a data recovery attempt until I can round up some appropriate replacement devices.
    The failed drive is a Seagate ST318417W which is a 68 pin SCSI-3 device and those are a bit hard to come by these days.
    I will probably have to go with multiple 9GB devices to replace the original 18GB drive.

    The Seagate did run for about 20 years before it failed. The IBM 4.3GB drive is about 24 years old and is still going.....

    - Ivan.

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