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    flights of the infamous Flight 19er

    Hi folks,

    Well, we left the biplane thing and are flying a little faster plane, mainly, because the distance between Airports seem to be greater than they were in the Biplane section of these flight. At the present we are heading North and then, I believe, South to the place where we started. hehe but who know, flight 19 is noted to change flight plans as much as we change our sock, me think LOL. So folks, we will see you all around.

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    I'll sure bet you all thought we forgot all about flying on our new adventure, well, we have made a few flights and this rascal (meaning me) have been having camera problems for all of the pervious flights. Yesterday's flight all went perfect for the AC560 which has been great from all of the pervious flight. We had all kinds of problems with the plane, but now, we got our fingers crossed. MM and I made the flight from the start, Moses was having some engine problems on his plane, and said he would catch up,( which he did, hehe just before we landed at KMSO) Rob's plane had a few little larger problems, and told us to go on ahead and he would more than likely be able to catch up with us for the flight on Monday. Just to follow up, it was a fanatic flight for a change for Dudley and myself, no problem, beautiful country in Montana to fly over, and of course neat conversations between MM and Dudley and I. Well, enough bull will catch you all later.
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    Hello all.

    This post is about the flight that MM and I made on the 4th of this month. Well, as we all know that sometimes R/L issue pop up, and in this case I missed posting anything until now. Anyway, MM and I had a real nice flight leaving KMSO Missoula, Montana and heading to 9S4 Superior, Mt. and a big surprise for Flight 19 we were flying the C-172 and doing low and slow. We followed the intrastate highway to Superior, gosh, we sure saw some very nice scenery. Next we will be heading to Thompson Falls. Of course we will be flying thru the valleys and following the river into Thompson fall. Me think. hehe.
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    Hey there, here I am again.

    We all left Superior 9S4 and headed to KTHM, Thompson Falls, including MM, Moses, Rob, and me. But of course it was decided to follow the river into KTHM by flying thru all these beautiful valleys of Northern Montana. All was going fine until I took a wrong turn somewhere and was heading down a different valley all by me self. O'Rob as me if I didn't like their little valley all I could say was that I took a wrong turn in Albuquerque, just like Bugs Bunny. hehe. Well anyway, I found my was to KTHM, but don't ask me how. Our next leg of this adventure will be heading to Colur d' Alene, just guessing on the spelling! Hey Willy, the picture was requested so you could see Flight 19 training flights. Oh well, something like that. Our flight instructor wasn't, well who know!
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    Hi there!

    Shucks, we had to stand down at Thompson Falls, it seems that the local fuel my be questionable. What the heck that means. Anyway, the fueling dept. is changing all the fuel tanks and replacing the fuel. We should be on our way later this day. We got our finger crossed that the problem will be solved today. See you all later.

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    Hi folks,

    We finally got some fuel that wasn't contaminated and we left KTHM and headed to Coeur d' Alene Id. On the way to Coeur d' Alene we took some side trip thru the valley to a place where there were some aircraft, I believe, hehe, can't remember where ( a senior thing, short memory). Now I think me know where we are heading. Crossing the border into Washington state heading to KEAT a city, now get this, called Wenatchee, now that's a mouth full, again, we will be switching back to the twin engine aircrafts. Gosh, after flying the 172 I don't know if I can stand the speed from my aircraft the Ac560. hehe see you all soon

    Click the photos in order for larger pictures.
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    Well, we fired up the twin engine aircraft and headed to Wenatchee, some interesting conversations about Wenatchee one was where two gentlemen left Japan to fly across the Pacific and land at Seattle, landed at Wenatchee. Now this happened in the early year of major flights. Back to our flight, Moses experienced some kind of problems with the Cessna he turned around and headed back towards Coeur d' Alene. Must have been very serious, we were unable to make radio contact with him. All in all it was a nice flight, with the exception of the note above. Here hopping the entire flight 19 can make it for take off this coming Monday. Our next flight continues in Washington, and we will be heading to 76S Oak Harbor, Washington. Hehe what's nice about all this we will be heading towards the country where my wife and I grew up!
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    Howdy folks,

    Flight 19 left HEAT, Wenatchee and headed across the Cascade Mountain, and we all decided to fly over them instead of looking for any valleys we could fly in order to get to 76S Oak Harbor, Washington. We saw some spectral scenery along with some rough country if we needed to make an emergency landing it sure would be touch and go in this country if you couldn't fine an emergency landing field or some rancher nice and smooth pasture. hehe. We all made it without any problems to Oak Harbor with a 3,246 runway and it was very narrow, I had a tough time holding the center with the cross wind we had. If you walk away it is a good landing. Wonder who said that. Hehe See you all later. Picture: looking west over to mountains and seeing Mt. Rainier.
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    Good Morning all,

    Hehe! well, we are off to Olympia, the Washington state capital it is only a skip and jump from Oak Harbor. It sure was nice just to be skipping along in good and clear weather where we could enjoy the scenery. Hehe, a big thing was that we was noted that there wasn't any rain for which the state is kind of noted for. As I mentioned earlier was a good flight, and tomorrow we head to McMinnville to do some goose hunting suggest by one of our fearless pilot. Goose hunting mean that we are going to try and see Howard Hughes's Spruce Goose the plane made out of plywood.all landed with the exception of Moses who decided to due some sight seeing around the state capital city. A side note, When Dudley heard we were going goose hunting he dug out his or our shot gun for the hunt. Lol, His face looked like it fell a foot when I told him we were hunting the airplane called by the nickname Spruce Goose instead of Canadian geese! Note the two picture. thanks folks see you later.
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    Hey all,

    Flight 19 had a very nice flight from Olympia to McMinnville, Ore. Remember I mentioned that for Washington we sure have had any rain, well that changed rained like heck for most of the trip to McMinnville. Such, anyway, got the plane washed. We got stuck in Olympia for a day or so due to some legal junk, Shucks, we are innocent!! Hehe. Now if the wind is blowing in the right direction we should be heading to Cottage Grove, Ore. But way thing have been going you never know whatever! With any can of luck will see you all tomorrow. No pictures, hehe forgot to load the camera after the screw up in Olympia.

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    Hi there!

    Well it happened again! There were state police and FBI folks here checking and searching all of our aircraft for what ever. Getting to think that someone some where doesn't like us, and keeps telling local law folk that we are the bad guy. Looking back I got a feeling that maybe our old buddy form the near east is causing all the problems, He has had in for us since Willy out smarted him in some kind of deal. But there are a few folks out there that has it in for the group of Flight 19. Hopefully, these folks get done with what they are doing so we all can get back in the air and finished our tour of Oregon! Stay tuned after Ashland. Ore. we will be heading into California.

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    Howdy folks, here I is the old Pirate. hehe

    Hot dog! The local law enforcement said we were clean and just gave up, boy, I sure Achmad is happy for causing us all these problems. But again, knowing him we will, more than likely, keep being check out for the remaining part of the adventure. Heaven sakes, we got to take off from McMinnville and pointed the pointy end of the aircraft and headed south to Cottage Grove. Hehe, must have been asleep, but I usually land with me eye closed any way landed at the wrong airport, I still think that the members of Flight 19 are still laughing, hehe Dudley and I are laughing also. Anyway we made it over to the right Airport. We, as usual are standing down on this Sunday, being Father day. Soon we will be heading to Ashland, Ore. So you all stay tuned.
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