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Thread: flights of the infamous Flight 19er

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    Howdy folks,

    Oops, a little late today. The cornuts took off from Ely, NV. and headed to Wendover, UT. where the b-29's for the Atomic bombs thing did there training. The base still has a no public access posted oh well I guess we landed without permission, but one thing no armed guards greeted us now that's a big change here lately. Evidently, we flew near or over another spook area, seen something about sheep, and miss labeling some real bad stuff and sent it around parts of the country. Now we will be off to Ogden, UT. and because of the weekend we will more than likely stay the weekend, heck a good chance to go over to Hill AFB and see their aircraft museum. Picture: flying to Wendover and seeing the Bonneville salt flats off our starboard wing.
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    A few from last night's flight to Ogden Utah.
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    Hey all,

    Well, here I is on a clear Sunday morning, hehe, all bushy tailed and ready to go, Yea, you bet! You know if I ever run into that person who said these were the golden years I am going to pop that person in the nose. Darn, getting up in the AM it is snap, crackle, and pop! Enough of the bull and get on with last nights flight. The four of us left Wendover and headed to Ogden, we had some nice weather and as we were crossing over the salt flats the conversation turned to fast speeds. and all the speed records that were created here at Bonneville Salt Flats. hehe, traveling at a GS of 140kts we sure wasn't going to any speed records, just poking along enjoying the scenery and the conversation. Just three more flights on this adventure and then onto something new. I think we are going to be susprised! Our travel agent sure can come up with some LuLu. hehe see you all later.
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    Hello there!

    While we were R&R at Ogden Dudley and I got a chance to buzz around the local mountains and over the Great Salt Lake in a WWII C-46. We were thinking that we might change over to the C-46 for the remained of this adventure, but alas, we couldn't come to terms with this old fellow who own it. I don't blame him for not wanting to sell the plane after we found out he was a pilot in WWII and flew the Hump in such an aircraft. Picture: Tinker belle flying over the mountains east of Ogden.
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    Again, hehe

    Monday, after our dispointment with the C-46, we got our bird some TLC and fueled up for the flight to 33U way out in the boonies somewhere. Most of us were a little concerning with landing at 33U with the elevation of the airport and the possibility of a mountain storm showing up. So here we go, From Ogden to Dutch John, Wow! flight 19 luck was holding the weather was AOK, and the area around Dutch John was clear as a bell. We all made good landings and thought we would look around. Some the crews were really disappointed that there was no golf course, it sound like this may have be a jumping off point for fishermen and hunters to their thing and for a while forget their lives in the big cities and enjoy the great outdoors. Nice job if you can afford it. lol. Picture: climbing out of Ogden and looking for an low canyon that goes thru these high mountains.
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    Howdy, surprise it's me.

    Last nights flight was just great, our route took us over the Dinosaur National Monument in Co. It was mentioned that we could stop and pick up some old bones. I radioed the group and told them, "No Way, I have enough old bones at my age of 39, and of course you are going to believe that. hehe. Shucks, every time I get out of bed the old bones goes snap, crackle, and pop! Back to the flight, we left Dutch John and headed to Rifle, strange name, O'boy! You couldn't believe the many canyons we flew over during the first part of the flight. It sure was mentioned that it would not be a good place for an emergency landing, but it was sure great looking country. Now that we are at Rifle we have one more flight in this adventure, and hopefully, all CNs can make it for the Grand finale. It sure has been great traveling this country doing low and slow we sure enjoyed this adventure. Stay tune, Who knows what the infamous Flight 19 will be up to next. Thanks for watching.

    Flight 19
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    Hi everybody,

    Well, we finished this adventure last night and all the CNs were present. It was decided that we would follow I-70 instead of trying to fly over these overgrown hill, hehe, and folks these were high! So we started out flying IFR, (I follow Roads) This was a truly nice flight flying thru the canyons and doing some quick turns, but alas, as we descended into boulder, col. the weather decided to give us one more kick in the pants and it changed for the worst, but we all made it in AOK. As noted this is the end of this adventure, but starting Friday night we will be in the air again, but this time we will or should be in Europe! See all then.
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