MotoGP Champion Marquez to Get Red Bull F1 Test
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Thread: MotoGP Champion Marquez to Get Red Bull F1 Test

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    MotoGP Champion Marquez to Get Red Bull F1 Test

    Marc Marquez will be joined by 2018 Honda MotoGP team mate Dani Pedrosa and multiple Motocross world champion Tony Cairoli in a private Red Bull organised test session at the Red Bull owned Red Bull Ring circuit in Austria this June.
    Seen as very much a promotional activity rather than a genuine opportunity to asses if Marquez has what it takes to make the switch over to car racing, it is nevertheless an interesting sign of increasing solidarity between Red Bull and 2018 Toro Rosso engine partner Honda, yet more evidence that the two brands could well be looking at teaming up in Formula One in the very near future.
    According to Autosport, both Spanish riders and Motocross legend Cairoli are expected to head to Milton Keynes in the coming days for a seat fitting with the team, ahead of a potential June 5 - 6 test session in Austria.

    Even though this is just another PR exercise I'd expect Marquez to do very well.
    Both Rossi and Lorenzo have shown quite a bit of speed previously, and way back when John Surtees was World Champion for Ferrari while Mike Hailwood demonstrated his four wheel talent.
    I doubt Marc would be that enthusiastic about leaving MotoGP for EffWun, but he's young and bloody fast.
    Last weekend's French MotoGP win underlined his ability to think through a plan of action and execute it to perfection.
    Me, I'd rather he stayed in MotoGP.
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    I think the Marc could probably do anything he wanted to as far as driving and be impressive. Impressive enough for F1? Who knows? Personally I hope he stays with Motogp because IMHO he is probably most talented rider to ever sit on a bike and that's saying a lot considering all the great riders past and present. Hes constantly washing out the front only to use his elbows/body to push the bike back up and save it. Others have done it but no one can save it like him. He's very exciting to watch on the track and after being a big Casey fan I feel that he has in a way replaced Casey. Casey was a mix of riding style's (alittle bit of Lorenzo and alittle bit of Marc) where I see Marc as a very loose/fluid pilot able to ride his bike in such a way to where the bike does it own thing and Marc does his thing and some how it works out. Neither one is fighting each other and in some small way it becomes a dance between the two that is beautiful to watch.

    He's basically crashing and when you think he lost it he only comes back and saves it. His reflexes are amazing and I bet they would serve him well in F1.

    This session is mostly PR but you brought up some interesting points about RB and Honda?
    Anyone remember when Michael Jordan played for the Barons? Not as interesting as watching him play NBA.

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