Hey guys,

Word has gotten around about us fellows...I was contacted by the Cape Cod Military Museum in Bourne, MA about specific information about air activities on Cape Cod during WWII.

I will post the contents of the email for all of you, and let's see if we can find the information, and (maybe) even do a skin or two...

I was wondering if the Cape Cod Military Museum could tap into you and your colleague's areas of expertise. Most of our questions that we would like answers to are about training and patrolling that went on in the Cape Cod Area (not many air battles). Our first question is, George Bush flew out of Quonset Point Auxiliary Air Station Hyannis in WWII (Otis air field was also an auxiliary air station) We were wondering what type of plane he was flying, it's markings, was it named Barbara I? We believe his whole carrier group trained on the Cape then landed on the newly completed aircraft carrier after it left the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy. We have a 1/18 scale avenger (if this is indeed his type of aircraft) that we would like to have marked up as his plane. Any info on the types of Naval planes and markings that flew out of the Cape and Islands would be great.

British RAF aircraft flew out of Otis as well during the war (convoy escort duty) any information on what types of aircraft, markings etc. would be welcome.

USAC/F Pilots flew out of Otis for anti U-boat patrols in fact one pilot sunk two U-boats in one day. He sunk one U-boat, went back to re-arm and caught another on the surface racing to help the crew of the first U-boat . It was the top story of the Camp Edwards Bulletin in 1943. Information on type, units markings would be appreciated. I think he flew a B-25.

I'm sure we can nose around and at least provide some answers...any ideas on where to start?