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    Airfield Scenery PNG

    I'm using PIS' Bush Trekker dual pack scenery for PNG - in fact, it's my favourite haunt for Air Hauler flying and has been for many years. Although the scenery package covers quite a few aerodromes and strips, there are many that remain typical FSX deserted flat grass rectangles with a 'gravel' line drawn along it.

    So I have started adding bits and pieces to these airfields to make them less deserted and look a bit more active. Nothing special, just a couple of wooden shacks or a hangar, water tower, couple of 4x4s etc.

    They are not accurate, true-to-life depictions of the airfields, just something is better than nothing at all.

    If there is any interest in these, I can upload them when I'm finished. If not, well, I'll still be using them myself!

    I'm doing them in FSX-SE with Instant Scenery 3 - but I will be checking if they appear in P3D (32bit versions at least) after they are finished.

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    Couple of quick shots of AYTA, Tari:

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    Hmm, thought as much.


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