Arado Ar240C models for Fs9 uploaded.
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Thread: Arado Ar240C models for Fs9 uploaded.

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    Arado Ar240C models for Fs9 uploaded.

    Hi Folks,
    Just uploaded the Arado Ar240C models, a fighter/bomber, night fighter and photo recon versions.

    The night fighter version beautifully built and textured by Chris Lampard. I just added the panels, and then modded the NF into the two other versions with new texs.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ar240 NJ 1.jpg   Ar240 NJ.jpg   Ar240 NJ 2.jpg   Ar240 J.jpg   Ar240 J 3.jpg   Ar240 J 2.jpg  

    Ar240 AK.jpg   Ar240 AK 1.jpg   Ar240 AK 2.jpg  

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    Thank you guys, you are really keeping FS2004 alive!


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    The Ar-240 is somewhat of a rare bird.... and this is the only one I have ever seen for flight simulator. Thanks for all your hard work and effort in bringing the Ar-240 back to life for FS9! Not too many chaps out there who still produce models for "The Sunny Side" sim... as opposed to "The Dark Side", lol!

    "El gato que camina como hombre" -- The cat that walks like a man

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    Looking good from pics .... Germans sure had a huge variety of a/c sum I've never even heard of keep em coming



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    I've definitely been looking forward to this! Payakan made one, but it had problems... Lucariny made one, but it's no longer available. To me, it's one of those aircraft that looks interesting in a weird sort of way... Thanks to all involved!

    -Mike Z.

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    Even if you're not a Luftwaffe fan I think you will find this plane to be a fun ride. Pressurized cockpit so you have a great view without the birdcage canopy framing of the older He111's or Ju88's.

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    Cheers guys!

    Glad you like it, as said different and typically german!

    Chris is a great modeller and painter. If you didn't know, he used to work for good ol' Alphasim, and was responsible for the Arado 196 floatplane amoungst others.


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    Thank you!

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    Thank you
    The grass is always greener on the other side...

    But, it's just as hard to mow!

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    Just found a 'cock-up'!! (, that somehow(?) the letters br were in front of the [fltsim.0] in the aircraft.cfg of JUST the C2 night fighter version. That would stop it showing up in the sim.

    So zee qvestion ist, viy had no vun spotted zis mistake zen? Fur you all, it's zee cooler..ja!...

    Anyway, corrected package uploaded, and now I'll join you in zee cooler.



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    Next one?

    Gut Shessi sehr gut,
    und als nächste eine schöne Junkers Ju 288 ?
    Oder endliche eine gut gemachte Junkers Ju 86?
    Thank you Shessi to not forget FS2004 and some old german planes
    Ps and to day I will rejoin some old gaffers at home
    Bip Bip

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    Ha ha!

    Hi Papi,
    Well after the fire bomber...hmmmm. A Ju288 would be nice, and yes a good Ju86R1...we will see

    Enjoy your holidays...



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    I spotted that typo in the config file, but you had already posted and corrected it... just curious, what does 'br' stand for, if anything?

    Anyway, I did want to add that they look gorgeous in FSX as well... I gave them Banana Bob props, otherwise there were no issues of any consequence...

    While I agree with Papi that a Ju 288 or any Ju 86 would be neat, and greatly appreciated, I could propose something even easier... an Ar 240A! From what I can see, the only difference would be the engine nacelles, with those weird spinners...

    But, no matter! I'm pleased as punch with what we have! Thanks again!

    -Mike Z.

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    Hi Mike,
    I've no idea where those letters came from??!

    I just noticed that the NF wasn't showing up in my Fs9, and discoverd the glitch, then went ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!, and checked, and sure enough it was in the upload..........LOL.

    I know what your'e saying about the A model, I like the spinners as well, it may be one that I will mod myself..................someday.

    As for the next, it may be a German high altitude single...



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    Heh, heh, heh... "German high altitude single"... now you're being a tease (Bv-155???)...

    I'll just be patient... -Mike Z.

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