at 4:30 am today i had one of those "WOW,thats odd!" moments.

I couldnt sleep last night,so around 3am i turned the tv back on and put on my head phones,opened the YouTube roku app and started watching videos,i came across a Seth Meyers video with Patton Oswalt ,where Oswalt was talking about his wifes book,he starts talking about the rapist being arrested and he says something about the arrested guy having been a cop in Auburn,near Sacramento,at first i was like,wow this actor fella knows Auburn,then it struck me that i remembered the name DeAngelo,then i thought naw,couldnt be,must be a name of a kid i went to school with (i havent looked at my old yearbooks as yet,but i will.)I then googled DeAngelo's name and his arrest and saw an online artical that states the Auburn Journal has a photo of him when he was a cop in Auburn,between 1976 and 1979.i looked at the pic and was floored when i realised it was the same cop we all hated,there was or is a place at Placer High school called the Wall,i hung out there,it was the only place we could sneak a smoke without getting kicked out of school.why? i have no idea,but they never bothered us,DeAngelo on the other hand was a real creep,he used to try to flirt with the girls,said some really rude and unnecessary things to them,and would threaten us boys,the other thing i remembered was his mustache, we used to laugh at him all time,wasnt really bad,but was something we could pick at him about.and i can also remember when he was caught stealing the hammer,we all said that was weird too,that he was probably a serial killer or something,we all laughed and joked about it,how kids do.talked to a guy this morning who remembered it the way i do,and he was one who we joked about it was he,Bob who made the serial killer remark first.

To me its just really weird how this is all unfolding.this east area rapist is something weve all heard about for years and its just general knowledge it would never be solved.but theyve solved the Zodiak killer case who knows maybe some more old cases maybe solved too.David Lake and Charles Ing killings happened not to far away,and a few years ago there was a thing where bodies were being found in wells in the foothills and valley south and east of Sacramento.if memorey serves,two transient types where arrest for those killings.A friend of mines mother was killed at our local Safeway store in Auburn,Tims daughter was thought to have solved her grandmothers murder,but the guy she felt did it had died in prison,several tv shows have produced about it over the years,it was brutal,but theyve had no solid proof.just makes me wonder if DeAngelo did it,Tims mom was stabbed and beaten with a hammer,the safeway grocery was right next door to or had a conman wall to the Thrifty drug store where if memory serves ,is where he had stolen the hammer from.