v5 of RFN Gauge
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Thread: v5 of RFN Gauge

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    v5 of RFN Gauge

    I've been away on work and missed the release of v5 of the RFN Gauge (the second release for 64-bit P3DV4)

    I recently did a reinstall of P3D4 and I'm installing v5 of the RFN Gauge into this. Since I wiped the previous installs I have nothing to go by and I'm getting confused about what goes where, despite the instructions. I'm hoping others can help?

    The instructions state:

    1) Copy the files contained in 1_Gauges in the simulator's gauges folder

    But this would have folders RFN_Resources and RFN_Sounds simply nested within P3D's Gauges folder. I believe the contents of RFN_Resources should go into P3D's Gauges folder and the contents of RFN_Sounds should go into P3D's Sounds folder?

    i7-8086K @ 4GHz, 64 Gb RAM, GTX 1080ti
    Win10 Pro 64-bit, Oculus Rift CV1

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    Good question! I successfully installed the new version, but wondered this myself. Will do some searching myself. Thanks. NC

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    "1_Gauges" contains two folders: RFN_Resources and RFN_Sounds.

    Copy those two folders to the P3Dv4 \Gauges folder.

    Do not empty them into the gauges folder. Keep them intact as folders containing files.

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    Sorry for this confusion.
    The new text is :

    3-2) Setting up folders and files
    If a previous version is installed, delete the corresponding files, especially RFN_Carrier.xml, RFN_CarrierGauge.dll, RFN_Parameters.xml from the simulator's gauges folder, and the RFN_Sounds folder from the simulator's Sound folder.

    1) Copy the RFN_Resources and RFN_Sounds folders contained in 1_Gauges in the simulator's gauges folder (or the delocalized folder).

    2a) For FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv3 copy the RFN_CarrierGauge32.dll file contained in 2a_gauges32 in the simulator's gauges folder (or the delocalized file).

    2b) For P3Dv4 copy the RFN_CarrierGauge64.dll file contained in 2b_gauges64 in the simulator's gauges folder (or the relocated folder).

    3) Copy the files contained in 3_Effects into the simulator's Effects folder (or the relocated folder).

    4) Copy the folders contained in 4_SimObjects / Boats in the SimObjects / Boats folder of the simulator (or the relocated folder).

    5) The folder "5_For AICarriers" contains the file aicarrier.cfg in which are referenced all the ships of the file RFN_Carriers.xml. Refer to the AICarriers documentation to use it.

    6) The "6_Documentation" folder contains information on landing techniques, deck exit speed calculation, aviation route calculation to get the wind in the axis of the oblique runway.

    Note: the dll file (2a ou 2b) must be in the same folder as the RFN_Resources and RFN_Sounds folders.

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