When you selected Recon as a mission option in a campaign, you were never able to meet the mission objective and therefore your campaign progress suffered. This was because the stock Recon spawn set supporting the campaign mission type omitted goal and damage information standard to the stock spawns sets supporting campaign missions.

I have uploaded a corrected Recon spawn set. Simply overwrite the existing spawns (after backing up!)

Things to check before trying to use this spawn set:

1. Sometimes writers of campaigns leave out some of the twelve available campaign mission types when they write their campaign. So recon may not always be an available mission in a particular campaign. It may also be given a low value in the campaign, so appear towards the bottom of the list of missions available for a sector. IMHO, in some campaigns, Recon can be made to have more value and therefore more impact on the frontline. It is easy to edit the MSP values to give Recon more prominence in a campaign if you wish.

2. Quite a few aircraft leave out Recon from the Missiontypes listed for the Loadouts. If so, Add Recon to a suitable loadout in the aircraft's xdp file. A suitable loadout would be one with fuel tanks, or the Clean loadout by default. Stick in Missiontype="Recon" to the "Clean" loadout if necessary.

I don't know if not having Recon in the Missiontypes of an aircraft's loadouts is a dealbreaker. I suspect when you are flying an aircraft in a campaign, and you select Recon as the campaign mission, the Clean loadout may well be the default if your aircraft's xdp file does not include Recon as a missiontype for one of the loadouts.

Clear as mud?