I have an interest in obtaining...
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Thread: I have an interest in obtaining...

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    I have an interest in obtaining...

    for a (negotiable/reasonable) price several FS2004 addons that appear/seem to be no longer available for purchase and/or have been discontinued from further sales and/or are from sellers who can no longer be contacted and are: Georender sceneries 1-6; Aerosoft's Cloud9 Elba; Samsoft sceneries for FS2004 including Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai Day/Night, Macau, Taipei; Christian Stock's (Red Baron Entertainment/SimPilot Experience) Mountains & Road & Rivers of New Zealand; Greek Airports Project Rhodos Intl. 2010 for FS2004; FSAddon/Jon Patch's Vancouver+ 1.1 for FS2004; My World 2004 (2005 version) for FS2004. Thank you so much for any and all assistance in this matter...

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    I got my Georender scenery from Amazon a good few years back on disc, if your going to try get them, be sure to look for Emma Field also. SimMarket also used to have CHELAN MUNI by the same author, no longer there unfortunately.

    Update. Seems unavailable on the Amazon UK site, but try other regions and ebay, etc.

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    Icon22 regarding the Georender stuff


    from that forum thread:
    airport - Georender 1 - USA, Oregon, Yamhill, Flying M Ranch (OR05) & WA, Ranger Creek (21W)
    airport - Georender 2 - USA, Utah, Escalante (1L7)
    airport - Georender 3 - USA, Washington, Sequm, Diamond Point (2WA1)
    airport - Georender 4 - USA, Washington, Darrington Muni (1S2)
    airport - Georender 5 - USA, Washington, Forks (S18)
    airport - Georender 6 - USA, Washington, Morton, Strom (39P)
    airport - Georender 7 - USA, Washington, Skykomish (S88)
    airport - Georender 7 - USA, Washington, Sultan, Sky Harbor (S86)
    airport - Georender 7 - USA, Washington, Wenatchee (27W)
    airport - Georender 8 - USA. Washington, Orcas Island (KORS)
    airport - Georender 9 - USA, Washington, Chelan Muni (S10)
    airport - Georender 10 - USA, Washington, Seattle, Emma Field (KEWL) (honorary Geo member) -> actually this is somewhat different as found upon further scrolling down the thread
    Georender-10 Alaska Cinematic Volume 1
    Georender-10 Alaska Cinematic Volume 2
    Georender-11 US Park Series - Grand Teton
    Georender-12 US Park Series - Yellowstone = FSX only
    Georender-13 US Park Series - Yosemite / Mono Lake

    Georender sceneries 7-8 I plan to hopefully ask FSaddon. Chelan Muni, Georender 9 is still available from FSpilotshop though no longer on simmarket and which I plan to get soon hopefully, 1-3 was sold on CD and is still obtainable - amazon/ebay hopefully but I thought if I could purchase it off someone, i.e. the digital ones, then I could save on shipping; Emma I already have; and am not too keen on the Georender stuff from 10 through 13, as per the aforementioned list - only georender 4,5,6 are on my list of yet to find. In any case, what would also help if someone as a contact with samsoft, and while I emailed Christian Stock for Mountains & Roads & Rivers of New Zealand scenery but as he no longer has it, he can no longer sell it; I'd wonder if someone who has moved onto FSX can part with their SimPilot experience/Red Baron Enterainment CD of the NZ scenery (I believe from what I read that indeed the scenery was released on CD) for a reasonable amount if possible. With Jon Patch's passing, FSaddon is no longer able to sell the Vancouver+ scenery for FSX or FS2004 as per stipulations from Jon's estate lawyers - the possibility of license transfer of an already existing customer of that scenery who no longer needs it may be a possibility from the threads I have come across but what I have also read is that it's in a gray zone, perhaps only FSaddon would have the final say on this...

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    Unfortunately I like mine too much to let them go but I wish you luck with finding them. It took a lot of time and effort for me to get them and that was many years ago, so much so I'm not at all ready to part with them.

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