Tangier Missing Textures
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Thread: Tangier Missing Textures

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    Tangier Missing Textures

    Place these unzipped into the Tangier Island "texture" folder. My apologies for missing this. . .there 1721 objects in this scenery, even after checking it several times I still miss those three homes.

    UPDATE: unzip the two files in the "elevation" zip and place them in the P3D/scenery/world/scenery folder and then see if that fixes the problem. It did for me. This was a file generated in ADE and placed in that folder in FSX. . .but it was not present in that same folder in P3D.
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    Hi Ed, you're a star - elevation problem sorted!

    Unfortunately, the new texture files don't cure the missing texture problem:

    Still just as it was - all 3 buildings are still missing the same textures. I did double check to make sure I'd dropped them in the right folder (!)

    [The foreground building is the centre one in my top-down image, looking towards the runway, with the northern-most one in the background to the right.]

    At least the runway is now where it should be!

    Cheers, A.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails textures 3.jpg   runway 2.jpg   runway 1.jpg  

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    Thanks for your update Ed,
    But curiously that brings back my elevation problem.

    With the new KTGI_ADEX_EJW_ALT.bgl in the world/scenery
    folder i have again the elevation problem.
    All the same,if high or low in the priority of scenery setting.
    Without the new KTGI_ADEX_EJW_ALT.bgl file and with
    low priority of scenery setting, all works fine.

    Strange thing.
    Anyway,now all worked as it should.
    Thanks a lot for this gem of an scenery.


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    This is my first use of your scenery and Tangier Island is what drew me to it. I live in Virginia and have flown into Tangier many times. A great little Island and village with interesting people. You have done a great job in trying to capture that. First let me set up my system. I am using P3Dv4 with all of ORBX sceneries for regions and land class. I have Global and Vector and also use PILOTS Global Ultimate Terrain Mesh.

    When I first installed Tangier, the rwy was probably 3-5 feet above ground for about 7/8 of the length from 2 to 20. With the updates here it is a good solid 1-2 feet above running the full length, so you have made some improvement, but still not exact, at least with my set up. Close enough to be flyable and landable.

    The houses which supposedly lack texture, for me, are textured on the front, not sides and back. I see windows and doors, brick, etc.

    The boats at the end of 20 are on land. I can possibly assume they are to represent boats not in use and at storage, but not sure if that was your intent.

    I have not learned how to insert images yet, but will provide links to some of my shots before the updates.

    Here are some views I think will help before updates were applied:

    RWY 02 END

    RWY 20 END



    Not sure if these boats are supposed to represent boats up on shore in storage or are supposed to be in the water.

    Low tide



    The house in question appears to be similar to other houses you have done, without
    windows or doors on all sides. I am sure this is for expediency.

    House Textures

    Front of houses looked ok to me, just rear and sides blank.
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