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Thread: SimWorks F4B

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    SimWorks F4B

    Good day ,

    Purchased this ole bird last week and love every minute of it , but could someone point me in the right direction to the key stroke command that allows one to pop the chute upon landing and while I'm at it ... is there any cockpit lighting, tried clicking the buttons with no results !!

    I've attempted logging into the SimWorks forum to post these questions but continue to stumble getting past the security fence they have up before you can forward your inquiry, very frustrating.

    Cheers for now

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    Did the F-4B/N have a chute fitted?

    Lighting controls are in the front pit - right-hand console, to the rear. They work very well here.


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    Morning Dave,

    Did a quick tour of the cockpit when the install was completed, clicked on the lighting controls and confirmed via the "tool tips" that everything is "on" but no luck.Curious thing happens when I do flick the switch there is a brief flash of light and then were back in the dark !!

    I find it a bit odd there is no folder showing or explaining the various dials and switch's or key stroke commands, unless its hidden somewhere and I haven't come across it ?? Note - If you go to the manual contained in the SimWorks website for the F4B the "aircraft familiarization" pages are not available ?

    One can confirm there is a chute because if I pull the trigger on my CH Fighter stick ( silly as this may sound ) the chute and various support equipment appear for a brief moment .... unable to explain that one ?? ... bad install ?

    As mention , love the plane, just want the full experience.

    Cheers for now

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    ..... good news,

    Found the drogue chute lever , is there a key stroke command one can set up ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aircanuck View Post
    ..... good news,

    Found the drogue chute lever , is there a key stroke command one can set up ?

    I haven't found one in the manual yet, but I did figure out how to select my stores on my sim as I don't have TacPak. It looks like you have to leave the configuration editor open and selected to FSX non-TacPak while you use the SWS Phantom as it defaults back to being set up for TacPak when you close it which locks the stores screen. Couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to select stores until I double checked the configurator, changed it then checked it/changed it again and then just left it open while I flew. Don't know if anyone else was having that issue, but there you go if you were!

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    Appreciate you chipping in with your comments ,have had no concerns with the weapon load outs .... pretty much plug in and play !


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    You need to assign a key to the Cabin Seatbelts Alert control, that works.


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