Roc 2AACU Clarke revised by UncleTgt
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Thread: Roc 2AACU Clarke revised by UncleTgt

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    Icon22 Roc 2AACU Clarke revised by UncleTgt

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Skins - British

    Description: Whilst researching repaint info for Shessi's Heinkel He59, I stumbled across a black & white photo, then a profile painting indicating that the default texture for the Roc, depicting L3085 of No. 2 AACU (Anti Aircraft Co-operation Unit) flown by PO D.H. Clarke as Dk Green & Dk Earth was wrong. The photo clearly shows it to be still using FAA camo with a high demarkation on the fuselage sides.

    So I set about using the template I had developed for my earlier set of FAA Roc repaints to depict this aircraft more accurately. The profile shows the fin as bare, as per very early war Rocs & Skuas. The b/w photo does not show the tail. I find it difficult to believe a Roc transferred to a 2nd line unit of the RAF would not have received a fin flash insignia by late September 1940 - most of the Skuas fighting in Norway had fin flashes by the end of May 1940. So I decided to depict this aircraft with a fin flash, even though the profile shows a plain sky grey vertical stabilizer.

    To install, unzip the download to a temporary location & move/ copy files to the matching folder names inside your chosen CFS2 install.

    Thanks to: Jed Marsh for the original aircraft, developed for use in FS2004.

    JD Tinballs & Rami for uploading the converted aircraft for use in CFS2.

    This is freeware and subject to the usual conditions.


    APR 2018

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Roc 2AACU Clarke revised
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Icon22 Reply...


    I love your detail work on these, you and Ian are both top-notch researchers.

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    Very nice skin, Thank you.

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    Thanks UncleTgt, very cool looking AC.


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    Just as a follow-up ; while researching prospective paints for Nigels' Avro;I found that #2 AACU job was to work with the Navy and Naval shore batteries.


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