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    CFS3 No CD

    I bought the CFS3 cd to get ready for P3, and when P3 came, I installed using the copy files from disk option and it did great and is running great. But I hate having to put the stupid CFS3 cd in every time. My dvd/cd-rom drive is very noisy, so if I just leave the cd in, it makes a racket every time I start up the computer. I can live with this, but I've seen several no cd cracks for CFS3 and wondered if I installed one of those whether it would damage my OFF install. I don't have CFS3 installed, just OFF, and whatever files from CFS3 it needed. If anyone knows whether the no-cd crack for CFS3.1 will work in this situation without messing everything up, let me know.

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    Oops! You said the "no-no" word............we dont talk 'bout cracks.

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    Since MS has killed off the aces team an there prolly won't be any more flight sims (as we know them), not sure what the protocal will be for the no-no words, but until I'm told diffrent they're still not allowed
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