NOTAM: 2018 Round The World Race Winner
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Thread: NOTAM: 2018 Round The World Race Winner

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    NOTAM: 2018 Round The World Race Winner

    Effective Sunday, Feb. 18th at 2018 UTC the 2018 running of the FS RTW Race was officially completed with the arrival of Team Avsim at Dubai International Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (OMDB)

    Therefore the Team times for this year are:

    SOH: 45:56
    AVSIM: 46:18

    The Executive Committee is pleased to announce that
    Team Sim-Outhouse is the winner of The Wilhelm (Wilhe) Bendit Trophy for 2018.

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    Well done, team mates!! It's official, we won.
    Martin (FS RTW Race pilot 2009-19)
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    Well done ALL.
    "May fortune favor the foolish"

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    Congratulations to all!
    Well done. A big Pat on the back

    Fly Free, always!
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