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    Well, we all made it to Jacksonville, KIJX, the weather left a lot to be desired, low cloud and plenty of ground haze. Picture, all planes after landing at KIJX.
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    Been awhile, but here we are at KPMV (picture). Had bad weather the complete flight heavy ground fog and around 4500 feet the blackest cloud we have seen on the whole trip. Around three or so more flights this adventure will be completed. Most of the flights followed the Cannibal Queen's real life flight. But we did divert now and then to see points of interest. So see you all later.
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    Hey Howdy everybody!

    Well there! The next flight by Flight 19 CNs (cornuts, hehe) will be the last one on this long adventure following some of the trek of the Cannibal Queens real life flight. Sure don't know what's going to come up for some flights after we are finished with this one, but you can bet it will be a good one. Picture, hehe for a change I found the airport, on base, be turning on final here in a few seconds. hehe. See you all later.
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    Into Boulder, CO. Part one concluded.

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    Here we are in Colorado somewhere around Denver (pictures) As Moses posted this is the end of part one of the present Adventure. Our travel agent is in a dark patted room working on the next route over the Western part of the good old US of A. So, here we are Hopping for the best, but planning for the worst. hehe. Just talk, hehe our travel agent at this point is doing a great job. Well, I guess we will be seeing you all on the next adventure.

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