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    Right now, I'm part of the Great Eastern diaspora, fleeing 12 in deep snow drifts and an acute lack of electricity.

    Sitting with my family in a hotel, my main focus has not been on aerofly recently so I haven't been on the forums that much.

    What I seem to be gathering from your post is that you had something deleted on the ipacs forum, and this is a synopsis of the deleted post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HyFlyer
    ...What I seem to be gathering from your post is that you had something deleted on the ipacs forum, and this is a synopsis of the deleted post?

    Multiple deletions, all had been submitted respectfully... though my thoughts of post #25 are
    not a synopsis of those deleted IPACS forum posts. Have said more than enough about it all at this time.

    Hope you and your family get to return back home soon.


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    My Aerofly FS 2 is still being enjoyed though it's all but on the back burner now until it matures more, having returned to my beloved FS2004 for the time being.
    We're of the same vintage, then. I lost my beloved FS2004 when the WINXP box died, too much trouble to rebuild a decade worth of tweaks!
    AFS2 came along at the same time as a major computing upgrade for me, and remains a toy to amuse.
    They do what they do, and mostly it is hugely entertaining.

    In no way is this a replacement for the juggernaut we jokingly called FS9.5 (due to the amazing ongoing work which made it essentially a new sim).
    It is till on a backup HDD for use when time permits more simming, and/or AFS2 runs out of amusements.

    For now, AFS2 never ceases to entertain as IPACS plays with new and interesting bits and pieces.

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    Swift Glider... Monument Valley

    KingAir coming out of ORBX Monterey


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    Nice pics. Shame there is no "like" button.....

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    Bucker Jungmeister





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    Right now, my main thing is having fun with the copter. It's almost like discovering the sim all over again.

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    It's superb... but not very relaxing... I can only take so much before I need to take a break with a fixed wing aircraft.


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    On the ipacs forums, they just released a bunch of repaint templates for christmas. Hopefully you will get a bunch more liveries to show off.

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    IPACS Florida South Scenery... Dry Tortugas

    Manatee's a nice touch... one even an animated swimmer. Water even has depth in some bits rather than a hard surface.


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    How is helicopter flying in Aerofly2 compared to FSX/P3D ?......

    In general terms would you call it a better or worse heli sim or just about the same as FSX/P3D ?

    I could never get the grips on Helicopter flying in FSX/P3D ( hovering, 360 turn on the spot, don't even talk about smoothly landing on the spot... ). Would i be able to in AF2 ?? ( with practise of course.. )

    Thanks for any info about that.


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