Russian or Chinese fighters...?
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Thread: Russian or Chinese fighters...?

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    Russian or Chinese fighters...?

    With Bear Studios sidelined does anyone know of other developers working on advanced Russian or Chinese fighters..?

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    As far as I know, no there are none.
    Bear Studio was the last editor to make serious stuff for Russian and Chinese planes. I really like their Flanker familiy, although I wish they would have TacPack-ed them...
    Unfortunately, Bear Studios has been totally silent for quite a while now. I suppose that team got fed up with the FS world and moved to other activities...

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    None that I know of.

    There may be a new Russian Helo or two on the horizon. I believe Eurostar260 is converting the Nemeth Mi-2 for FSX. I also noticed that there was an Mi-35 screenshot on the new Nemeth Designs page - different from their Mi-24V. But that is just a guess on my part.
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    There is one developer: Flyfreestd

    They have some rus models like the pak-fa, su33 and mig29, chinese j-20, etc. But their models goes more to the "light" simulation... if you know what i mean.
    Anyway, better than nothing! Their products are listed in Just look for "Flyfreestd" publisher.
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    I know I'm a cynic but after browsing through their offerings they seem to (IMHO) resemble a large number of previous releases.....might try the Albatross package.
    I can do a comparison with both free and commercial versions.
    Colour me suspicious.
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    I know this is not what you asked, but DCS has a JF-17 and a MiG-19 in development, a MiG-21 and MiG-15 released and a few russian fighters in Flaming Cliffs 3 (non-clickable cockpit).

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    SimWorks Studios is working on a MiG-17....

    Quote Originally Posted by Seahawk72s View Post
    With Bear Studios sidelined does anyone know of other developers working on advanced Russian or Chinese fighters..?
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    And I think Milviz is working on a Mig-21
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    ALS has a nice Flanker as well

    AFS has some russians, not of the highest detail though

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