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    Aerofly Chat

    Just starting up a place where people interested in the sim can talk in real time:


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    Thanks for that. May take you up on it in the future.

    Thought I'd give you a heads up (or a warning, perhaps) that, after spending over 6 weeks altogether and days each researching X-Plane, FlightGear, P3D, FSW, DCS, and Aerofly FS2 in deciding what 64 bit flight sim to pursue initially, my choice is Aerofly FS2. FS9/ACOF will serve as my 32 bit flight simulator, it's just too good to give up.

    Am a long-time user of that great Aerosoft Discus K sailplane, love it! Have ordered Aerofly FS2 on DVD through Was going to order it directly from Aerosoft but I had credit remaining at Amazon. :-) Really looking forward to checking this flight sim out. Am confident that I've made the right choice for now that is suited to my style.



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