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    Rtwr2018 special rules posted

    Good Afternoon Everyone.

    The special rules for the 2018 running of the Round the World Race have been posted. Routing details for the most part are redacted until closer to the event.

    You can find the rules here : https://www.fsrtwrace.com/pdf/2018%2...es%20v0.95.pdf

    Thank you

    Executive Committee

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    In regard to rule 4i(c),
    A normal aircraft type may be used by a Team no more than five (5) times. For these normal aircraft, a 10-minute "maintenance" penalty applies to each excessive use. That said, the race eligible P-38(F-J,L) and P-51(B/C/D) may be flown as many times as desired.
    Does that mean the race eligible P-38(F-J,L) and P-51(B/C/D) may be flown as many times as desired without maintenance penalties since there's no usage restriction ?
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    The full Special Rules will be released on Friday, February 16, 2018 at 1900 UTC. This version will incorporate the full Routing information.

    Thank you,
    Executive Committee

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    The final routing has been posted. You can find it at http://www.fsrtwrace.com

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    Dunno if I got something going with my browser or not- but the 'follow the race' link on the site ( https://www.fsrtwrace.com/followrace.php ) isn't updating. I can only see the live progress if I use the Duenna link. ( http://live.fs-duenna.com/track/WhoWhere.php )
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