Cessna U206G Soloy Mark 1 V3.0 available
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Thread: Cessna U206G Soloy Mark 1 V3.0 available

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    Cessna U206G Soloy Mark 1 V3.0 available

    FlightPort Cessna U206G Soloy Mark 1 V3.0 is available here in library. For FSX and P3D V1+/V2+/V3+ and for P3DV4+ as a separate native version.

    What is new in V3.0?

    It contains all six models of V2.0, but with a lot of improvements. And the great repaints of Rafal "YoYo" with 4096 HD textures, too.

    Alexander Metzger has reworked the airfiles - and the engine parameters of the Allison 250-C20S were very realistically integrated into the model.

    The ground/flight idle switch (throttle_set) now has function (important for engine handling). Adjusted manual and automatic engine start. The starter switch MUST be actively switched off again after starting the engine, otherwise the throttle lever has no function.

    Important: XMLTools for FSX or P3DV3 must be installed to get a realistic engine behavior. Only with this you can start the engine without having trouble, e.g. the unrealistic preclosing (hot start bug) has finally come to an end. Please see readme and manual in Custom model folder.

    Also new in short:
    - Fuselage and wings reworked and new textured
    - new floats with animated control wires
    - Function Propeller control lever new
    - Function Fuel Cutoff lever new
    - new and improved display of the engine displays
    - DME Avionic built into the VC.
    - fixed misleading information for setting the fuel cut-off lever in the checklists

    Cessna U206G Soloy MK1 Custom V3 is the base model folder. You need it to display all other models correctly. A new repaint kit V3 is available as separate download (see FSX Other or P3D-Addons).

    Hope you like the new V3.0.


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    Very nice, downloading now.

    Edit: Installed her and took her for a quick spin, very nice indeed. I can see this is going to be one of my favorites.
    Only edit I did to the config files is for the title, since P3D displays the title in the AC selector I changed the titles


    title=Soloy MK1 XXXX


    title=Cessna U206G Soloy Mk1
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    Alex & YoYo... fantastic! Thanks, will DL and fly this weekend... perfect for some AK trips ahead.

    Best- C

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    Hi all
    Very nice machine so far - flies well and seems very powerful.
    Thanks for working so hard to provide it.
    Warren (aspen31)

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    Great job Thomas and team! Just enjoyed a 90 minute flight around northern California. Well mannered aircraft and excellent detail. Thank you for this great gift!


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    Oh my gosh! Psychic you must be for I was just pondering as to what fantastic turbo prop for bush flying might fit into my virtual hangar next? You are the man (or woman) of the week in my book.
    ....my other Stryker is a 2019 Challenger Hellcat Redeye.....


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    Panel file missing?


    Brilliant work! Thanks a lot for sharing it!

    According to the manual there should be a Panel_usingRCP.cfg" file in the panel folder of the custom base model.

    I believe it is missing (and I do have the RXP GTN750...) - can you please post it here or elsewhere?

    Many thanks!

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    Ega, you are right, all the extended panel.cfg´s are missing - my quality control works with 110 percent, sorry for that. It is the first entry in fix list - will come the next days. But the missing panel - usingRXP.cfg doesn´t work in P3DV4, its only for FSX GNS series...

    I do not have RXP GTN, so I can´t do anything for you. Why not trying to install it instead of F1 GTN, using normal panel.cfg. From model side, this could work.


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    A very interesting airplane.

    I got an error message when selecting the GTN 750 option and a then unit with a blank screen and an "INOP" sticky note on it.
    I think my GTN configure file needs to catch up with the version of P3D v4x I'm using.

    Otherwise a pretty cool set of aircraft.

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    Rxp gtn750

    Thanks Thomas, I will try to replace the F1 GTN750 unit with the RXP unit.

    Again, many thanks for giving us this beautiful airplane!

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    Thank you so much for the updated addon! I love it!

    If anyone does use the RXP GTN 750/650 combo I've made the edits to the plane. Also allows the VC knobs and buttons to work


    soloyGTN by ryan b, on Flickr

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    What a fantastic package ! Downloading as I type.
    Thanks a lot for the hard work. I have the very first package you made for that plane, it was already one of the best addon I ever had. Can't wait to try that new version !

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    I did a big screenshot spread over at avsim... hope lots of guys download your work! I love this plane!


    |Win7 x64 | Gigabyte P67A UD4 B3 | Intel i5 2500k @ 4GHz | eVGA GTX980 | 4x4 GB DDR3 RAM | 500GB Samsung 840 Evo SSD | 1TB Samsung Spinpoint | 120GB Mushin Callisto SSD | 36GB Raptor | 250GB Seagate | Seasonic X750w | Corsair 650D|

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    Ok, if reversers aren't available, how the Sam Hill do you stop the float plane ? The only way I can get a full stop is to shut off the engine.

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    open the doors..

    Thanks so much...

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    Sue, the normal way to stop it is to switch Ground/Flight idle to Ground on Final. It works, but needs a lot of time. Check your throttle, fully back should be 0 Percent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penzoil3 View Post
    open the doors..

    Thanks so much...
    No problem. Glad I could help ;-)

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    TiAr thank you.

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    V4 is just uploaded here on Library. It contains all the new and missing stuff like panel.cfgs, windshield rain effects, updated Airfiles of Alexander Metzger, working GPU with great sound! Fully F1 G500/600 integration and the remarks of Ryan to implement RXP GTN.

    Have fun!

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    Thanks again Thomas. You are a champ!

    "Try to stay in the middle of the air. Do not go near the edges of it. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and interstellar space. It is much more difficult to fly there".

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotth6 View Post
    Thanks again Thomas. You are a champ!

    Best regards, Manfred.

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