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    Shaders texture problem

    Hi folks have a look at my BoB Install,iv`e just installed the latest Ankors Shaders package and this is what i get,see pic
    also are there any changes to the config overides and default overides in /appdata also the main config overides that may improve the sim?
    Iv`e tried these settings but now the sim crashes CTD.and the texture problem remains;

    *** Warning ***
    You must turn off Dual Pass Render, and turn on the High Resolution Z Buffer, and Disable Shadows. in cfs3confing.exe.

    Z Bias Resolution should be typically be limited to 15. Higher values can lead to some rendering problems on some systems.

    Z Bias Flat effects should be set to 25 to reduce flickering of the bomb crater decals.

    The CFS3 Default Water Detail Texture Size is 5 and the SeaWater.fx settings in this package are preset to match. Using a different texture size will change the appearance of the wave dimensions unless you adjust the values in SeaWater.fx to match.

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    By the looks of the picture that has nothing much to do with AnKor's Shaders. The textures are not being mapped to the airplane in a way that lines up. The plane is either looking at the wrong dds files, or the files have been corrupted / edited incorrectly (shifted, resized, etc.).

    CFS3 has a bad habit of looking through every folder to find a file. If you happen to have more than one named the same thing (this typically happens when you add new aircraft) very odd things like can result.

    If this was me, I would start by looking in the m3d file with a hex editor to see what dds file it's trying to use. I would then do a Windows search through all the CFS3 directories for that name to see if I had more than one.

    p.s. The CTD may just be a sound.cfg problem with the last aircraft you were trying to fly. Also selecting an invalid loadout can cause a CTD. You can edit the game.xml to make ShowUIWorld="false", and it should let the game start and you can select another aircraft, until you get the problem fixed.
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    Textures and ctd`s

    Thanks Major i`ll try getting it sorted but BoB was fine until i added the 17 Nov package.

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    I had a similar problem with my ETO install before I ever added the Ankor's shader.
    I traced it down to my NVIDIA settings. I could not use the antialiasing mode "override any application setting". See
    I'm not sure how to link to another thread.

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