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Description: By Nigel Richards

Created for all Twin engined aircraft powered by Twin Wasps.
The soundsets are the culmination of almost 4 years continuous development for what is for many aviation enthusiasts one of aviation history's most iconic sounds.
The package includes two distinct soundsets.

FSX_PW R-1830 Twin_HD_3D Hybrid
High Definition 3D - Stereo hybrid specifically designed for FSX Cone Sound. Of the 2 sets this sounset is particularly appropriate for external sound realism in FSX, with impressive performance during both spot view ground operations, Tower, and flyby modes. Emphasis has of course been given to replicating the wide, and complex sound spectrum made particularly famous by the Douglas Dc-3 and its derivatives.
The internal sounds are a subtle combination of 3D and HD sounds created to replicate the many facets of throttle - pitch settings during engine operation.
Though designed for FSX, a cfg.file for FS2004 is provided in within the folder.

FS2004_PW R-1830 Twin_HD
This uses my usual traditional approach to sounds work with emphasis on high quality stereo FS9 performance.
Both sets work in both sims - choose the one that suits you most or both!
I wish to thank Milton Shupe, Tom Zimmerman, and Peter Ham for their invaluable contribution and feedback during the development of these sounds.

E N J O Y !

Nigel Richards

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