DDA Classic Airlines new/old 2018 livery
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Thread: DDA Classic Airlines new/old 2018 livery

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    DDA Classic Airlines new/old 2018 livery


    The real PH-PBA just got here new paintjob and saw the outside for the first time last week...

    With it made the last tweaks to my repaint for the C-47:

    Textures are HD, 4096, DXT5 compressed (which give better result then 2K 32 bits, for the same size).

    More in the next post, due the 4 pics limit.

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    Besides the outside, the inside and the pilot's got a different look. Also added some more details, especially at the tires and gear struts. You also can look "inside" the cowl-flaps.

    The VC textures are repainted to get the cockpit as much in line with the real one. Sorry to say the "sweathearts" are replace by a 4-part checklist.

    Will be available at www.avsim.com soon, probably later today/tomorrow.

    Special thanks to Paul van den Berg from DDA Classic Airlines for providing the original paint drawings and beta testing the livery.



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    It's available: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=202866



    PS Small mistake in the readme and description, this repaint is for version 3.14 (not 3.12)
    Correct downloads:
    Update/fix: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=199046
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    Thanks Marcel, that looks great!
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    Exclamation PH-PBA 75 year old and still going strong!!

    An update inbound, the PH-PBA is 75 year old this year!!!

    Besides the new 75 years logo, the following was updated:
    - The Red colour was made a bit brighter
    - Adjustments on several locations (Reallife paint was not 100% the drawings ;-)
    - Several (small) details added on the outside, incl new prop textures
    - Several gauge bitmaps modified (most noticable the Airspeed indicator)
    - Some bitmaps of the VC modified

    This is of course a repaint for the MJ C-47!


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    Thanks Marcel, highly appreciated I expect to see the real PH-PBA soon again, as it will most likely start doing the "flower tours" again.


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    Superb job! Love it!

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