Aerocrate no more?
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Thread: Aerocrate no more?

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    Aerocrate no more?

    Hi All!

    Long time no see. I've been through teacher training and my NQT year and now i'm finally finding a bit of time to return to the sim world every now and then.

    I unfortunately lost some of my backups and this included everything for my WW1 install. I presume Aerocrate is no more as i have been unable to find it. Has the content from there been uploaded anywhere else?

    Such a shame. Fantastic quality add ons from that site! Anyway. If anyone could point me in the right direction I had set aside tonight to put it all together.


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    Unfortunately it looks like the site is gone. Most of my WWI D/L's came from this site, it's a shame to see that it's gone.

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    Search cfs2 section of the library at SOH using "aerocrate" in the "text containing box". Gets you 48 add-ons (mostly planes)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleTgt View Post
    Search cfs2 section of the library at SOH using "aerocrate" in the "text containing box". Gets you 48 add-ons (mostly planes)?
    Mostly skins actually.

    I have most of Aerocrate files. I just need to know if it is ok to upload them here. I sent an e-mail to Gary Aumaugher back in december, but got no answer...

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    Maybe we can contact oldwheat:

    from the site:
    Welcome to AeroCrate.Com
    Good News! The Aerocrate site should be back in full operation shortly. Gary is still very involved with real-life activities so I have volunteered to do the 'grunt work' on the site. Prepare yourself to see a little re-arranging in the near future (and probably a few foul ups as I learn the ropes.) Cheers Oldwheat aka L.M. Brown Download and enjoy! Feel free to download and use anything here that you like but do not post or include any of our files in any archive, in any form, without written permission from the authors. We like to know where our work is going.
    We are always on the lookout for talented folks who would like to help out creating airfields, painting textures, testing missions, flight testing aircraft... If you have an interest, drop us a line.
    Email me at if you have any questions, comments or problems.
    "Laissez les bon temps rouler"

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    Unfortunately, Now that the site is down it would not be possible to do any more with Aerocrate itself unless someone could make contact with Gary A. but perhaps between Roxane-21, myself & possibly others, most of the stuff from Aerocrate could be uploaded to this site. I don't have CFS2 running @ present but I have most of the dies in an expansion drive. I have had a few medical problems recently but I could still give this project some support. P.S. the above Email account is now inactive.

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    If you can send me anything you have, I am more than willing to post it on the Free Flight Site
    in the CFS2 WWI section.
    "Laissez les bon temps rouler"

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