And you thought your MAC was safe
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Thread: And you thought your MAC was safe

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    And you thought your MAC was safe

    Remember all those PC vs Mac conversations

    Well Read This

    Looks like they were not as safe as they thought.

    I remember saying years ago in this forum that both Mac and Linux know their security is based in their obscurity (or read who wants to hack them because there are so few).

    Well looks like one person did want to and made his own botnet of MACs over 13 years.

    I guess the real statement should be if its any kind of computer someone is going to want to hack it.

    Now for a little fun from 10 years ago.

    Mac vs PC

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    Oops! At least they caught him.....eventually.

    Back in the distant past (late 90's) I was the only Mac user in an office full of PC users (486 days). I had to use a Mac as the software I required for my work, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Illustrator and the early versions of Adobe Photoshop were not available for PCs/Windows. The systems tech employed by the company (an outside contractor) used to hate me as he was always complaining that it was a nightmare to get my Macs (I had a couple of units) and associated hardware (scanner, tape drive back-ups etc.) onto the company network (a coax cable system in those days) as the two systems didn't like to play with each other. I always used to laugh at him because I had no issues with my gear, plug one into the other and it just worked, the way it was meant to.

    I had this image as my screensaver for a couple of years and it used to tick off the PC users whenever they saw it!

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