Ships from German Navy - Bundesmaine
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Thread: Ships from German Navy - Bundesmaine

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    Ships from German Navy - Bundesmarine

    The last couple of month i start to build up some ships of the German Navy since World War II. Some very nice model are on the I-Net till now and also Simdocks told about 1 1/2 year ago to start with new models.... but.... just could not wait for such a long time. So i tried to build up some models with SketchUp.
    All thees models are not all my work. Mostly i change some existing models. Some of these models just get the hull of the origninal. (Did learn many new things during this process)

    You just will get a first look. Some models are ready and i got all needed permission to put them out.... for some models i`m awaiting this permission shortly. Some models just started up the work on.

    First to come out this weekend will be submarine class 206 and class 212 and the landing ship class 520 "Barbe". Build up 10 different models in this class.
    Also the frigate class F122 "Bremen" is nearly ready and i started up testing her in FSX.

    First shots of these models

    Submarine Class 206

    Submarine Class 212

    Landingships Class 520 "Barbe"

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    And first shots from test run of frigate F122 Bremen class

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    Frigate Class F122 Background first try of Frigate F124 "Sachsen Class"

    Tender Röhn (Fleetoiler) (awaiting some part permission)

    And last one for now Tender Class 404 "Elbe"

    Hope to get all these ships ready before new year ....


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    Great work, Klaus!

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    Will also add some static models (.bgl) to place them in a scenery if you want.

    Will look like this one. Two class 212 with crew on deck side by side.

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    Great stuff! You can soon put a Norwegian flag on the 212 as well :-)

    Best regards
    Repainting since FS5..

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    Upload the file with the ships to the libery in here. Think they will be there in a short time.


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    Cool! Finally more FGSs!! And a 122!! The bridge and bridge wings look slightly different from the original, but I am not sure, if you could change that. Anyway, if I can help you out with yard plans of the original, let me know!

    Best regards,


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    First shots of the Sachen Class 124 frigate from german navy. Did them all new. Some things to do, (not to much) but it`s just a first look to them in FSX.

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    Will not take to long to get them ready.


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    Quote Originally Posted by klnowak View Post

    Will not take to long to get them ready.

    Very nice Klaus Slowly the ships are taking over in the flightsim... I will soon release another bunch also Regards and Merry Christmas

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    Last shots before uploading ... Bremen Class 122 and Sachsen Class 124 frigate

    Merry christmas to all of you

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    Upload is just on the way.

    Next to come is the Frigate Baden-Württemberg Class 125 and the fleet oilers 8but this will take a little time.


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    Next one - the Baden-Württemberg-Class125 frigate.

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    Upload will come today.


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    Hi Klaus
    Thanks for a great Christmas gift. Nice to see the full German navy coming up. But I have one suggestion - the models are extremely heavy for AI use - both texture sizes, draw calls and vertices. Even my ModelConverterX took time to open the models... It is a typical feature of Sketchup models imported from the web. You might gain a lot from combining some textures and also reduce the crew - the last ones are beautifully crafted but too detailed unless you are taking a walk around the ship or have a coffee with them.

    To illustrate the point check the mdl sizes, draw calls, and vertices on these models:

    First up you frigate: mdl size 23.5 MB + 19 MB in texture with 140 drawcalls and more than 600.000 vertices

    Then a somewhat similar model from my next package - mdl size 2.1 MB and textures 16 MB but just 3 drawcalls and 10% of the vertices.

    And with helicopter...

    the effect from the less people on the deck are obvious when looking at your model with a helicopter added but less people... the drawcalls and vertices though still high drops... conclusion the helicopter is better optimized than the people.

    while in my case the French built helicopter borrowed from a friend adds tremendously to the drawcalls (before optimizing) but not much to vertices. So what I will do is to remap some of the parts of the helicopter on to the main texture sheet, which still have some unused spots. This will reduce drawcalls significantly.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 17122812123416112915427401.jpg   17122812123316112915427399.jpg  

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    Thanks for the tips. Will have alook and see what i can do. That`s the big difference. Your the profi... i`m just amateur
    But step by step it will get a litle bit better.


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    Quote Originally Posted by klnowak View Post
    Thanks for the tips. Will have alook and see what i can do. That`s the big difference. Your the profi... i`m just amateur
    But step by step it will get a litle bit better.

    Don't underestimate yourself. I love the sceneries you have put together And I don't think it is too much which needs to be done to change the result significantly.

    Taking an X-ray in ModelConverterX it is obvious that the crew are the heavy ones in terms of vertices - they even have facial expressions and the ornament on the belt modelled. This is of course great if you are really close but if you fly by at 300 ft or more you won't notice any of this.

    You might wan't to limit the use of such detailed figures to the guys on the helideck - there they will be appreciated. Next, if you keep them, it is actually easy to make a small texture with the colors used in their uniforms and remap -that will save you at least around 20-25 drawcalls from what I can count.

    Anyway - these are just subjective suggestions - some might disagree, but personally I see ships in the Flight simulator as a decorative element to give immersion and add options for "missions", but they must never impact the performance and the flying experience.

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    Your absolutly right.... the crew is just an eyecatcher and not needed for ai traffic. Will take them away from the models. Perhaps i can use them in static models for harbor scenery.
    Every notice you made is well needed on my side to learn a little bit more about making this models.


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    Really nice modelling, Klaus! Keep at it, and the scenery packages are terrific. The fight to keep the model's from dragging FPS, that's a tough one. Getting enough detail to look 'busy', but keeping the performance from dumping...that's my sole gripe with MCX- it seems to do funny things to models, sometimes nearly doubling the size, and I don't know why.
    I tend to keep my boats on the spare side, even for my tastes, in order to keep the size down and minimise performance hit. A lot can be done with textures to simulate complexity, but nothing beats the look of 'greeblies'. I tried adding a few crew figures from time to time, but the FPS hit was bad.
    Railings, tubes, chains, propellers and rigging are pretty nightmarish, too.

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    Part 3 of German Navy ships... Fregate Baden Württemberg class 125 and Corvette Braunschweig class 130.

    The corvette is without crew to get more frame friendly also with small textures.

    Will try to get all ships more framefriendly and than upload in near future as a hole package. This time upload is for this two ships.


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    Amazing work! How can I start to create by myself some (italian) ships from google sketchup? Do you have some tips?
    Thanks, and happy new year!

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    First picture of floating crane Hiev Class 711.

    Information for this origninal crane you can find here :

    Nearly ready in ModelConverterX

    And first testing in FSX

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