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    Nice work,I have been on vacation,so,I don't have a way to download then until around the 10th of January,but,I do prefer crew scenery over none at all,I always feel like,I am landing on a ghost ship without them LOL,just my 2cents.

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    Next part to come tomorrow....

    Floating crain Hiev Class

    Supplyship Elbe Class Class with Fleet Oiler Rhön Class in background

    The Rhön Class Fleet Oiler

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    And the biggest ship of German Bundesmarine today ... the Supply Ship Berlin Class called "Einsatzgruppenversorger"

    Hope you will have fun with those models


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    And next part : all the Bundesmarine Minehunter Fleet. Hohlstablenkboot Ensdorf Klasse 352, Minenjagdboot Frankenthal Klasse 332, Minenjagdboot Kulmbach Klasse 333, Minentauchereinsatzboot Frankenthal Klasse 332b, Mienensucher Seehund Klasse.

    Hohlstablenkboot Ensdorf Klasse 352

    Minenjagdboot Frankenthal Klasse 332

    Different Typs all together

    System in duty : Minehunter with 3 drone (Seehund)

    Upload will come today


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    Upload done.

    Next to come first shots in FSX

    German Navy tug Nordstrand Klasse 725A

    And German Navy "Living Ship" Wohnschiff Knurrhahn

    Some others will be inside this package then

    Living Ship Ohre Class and the "Intelligence ships" from Oste Class"


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