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    Video Capturing Software

    Hi all,

    Curious to know which is the best software for recording videos. I have tried bandicam but I am experiencing significant FPS drop.


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    If you have Nvidia card, many of us use the Shadowplay tool that comes with Nvidia Experience. The Nvidia Experience is a nuisance but Shadowplay works well in capturing sim footage without FPS drop.

    If you can not stand the Nvidia Experience or do not have Nvidia card, there are other options that people may recommend here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjoern View Post
    Bjoern, do you experinice with this app?

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    I know it's a bit crude but for the few captures that I do FRAPS is sufficient for my needs
    Of course, it does turn out huge files that I run through another program to make them manageable.
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    If you have Windows10:
    Its included in the Game menu ...(to open:Windows-key + G).
    Works perfect to capture videos in FSX.
    Only disadvantage: it captures in MP4 full resolution only, but you can limit it in size afterwards with the standard Moviemaker.


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    Fraps is payware but it's the easiest to set up and use. It records both the video and the sound (important). OBS is NOT easy to setup and use. With Fraps you setup to run at 29.95 fps and full screen. You then assign a key (I use 'Insert' key) to toggle 'Start/Stop' recording. You can fly and record 'live' or you can do FS9/FSX 'Instant Replay' and record that (allows change of views with 'Shift+S' key). You can edit (HUGE *.avi clips - 2 min=4 Gb) with Movie Maker to reduce size. From Movie Maker you save FINISHED VIDEO to hard drive then upload to YouTube. I bought 'older' version (11) of Sony Vegas ($49) so I can do more EDITS (zoom, etc) than Movie Maker can do. Using FRAPS 'Free' version puts a watermark on video. Fraps records at 29.95 fps but plays back at 60 fps and at HD (1080x720). The other program I use is FSRecorder. It is able to 'Render' replay video that looks good even if you only get 25 fps in Sim. What 'looks' complicated is 'easy' - once you learn how to do it. I have 100's of video on YouTube. Some good some not so good (5 yrs old). Key 'Napamule YouTube 2017' in Google, then click on any video and when there click on my name (Chuck B) then click on 'Videos' on my home page (there are lots of 'Chuck Backus' on YouTube) to watch latest-to-oldest videos. You click on video, watch, then use 'BACK ARROW' (up top by URL) to return to list of videos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjoern View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Duckie View Post
    Bjoern, do you experinice with this app?
    No problems for me. I use the 64 bit version with no noticeable effects.
    A little difficult, at first, to get a grasp of the setup, after that it is smooth to use.

    Thanks Bjoern for the "heads up"! (many moons ago)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckie View Post
    Bjoern, do you experinice with this app?
    Of course; otherwise I wouldn't post a link or post a disclaimer.

    And there's no better proof than Roman's use of the tool.

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