TiAr Max Holste MH-1521 Broussard Bushplane WIP
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Thread: TiAr Max Holste MH-1521 Broussard Bushplane WIP

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    TiAr Max Holste MH-1521 Broussard Bushplane WIP

    New bushplane project for P3DV4 and FSX in town. Exterior base is Yann Koun´s 14 years old very great freeware Broussard, which was very common in FS2004 times. I did the last days a lot of changes of exterior model to bring an "up to date" in the air again.

    Anyway, now model has some improvements to the real model, new animations of gear, rudders etc.. Bump textures to cover nearly all rivets and lines of real airplane. After finishing exterior models, my plan is to create a new interior model.

    And yes, like in real, there is a floats version in pipeline, too.

    Hope you will like my new long term project.


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    I like this aircraft and was sorry to have to abandon her as I am switching to P3D V4...

    Thanks you - I will follow your progress with interest.


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    Wow, thanks! Interesting airplane, very agile and a great bush flyer.
    My son and I flew in one a few months ago:

    My scenery development galleries:

    Solomon 1943 V2 Open beta download: http://www.sim-outhouse.net/download...on-1943-V2.zip
    Solomon 1943 V2 update 2013-02-05 download: http://www.sim-outhouse.net/download...2013-02-05.zip

    Current Project: DHC-4 / C-7a Caribou by Tailored Radials
    Dev-Gallery at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qjdtcoxeg...bAG-2V4Ja?dl=0

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    Very good news!
    Thank you to bring that bird back to a newer flight simulator's generation.
    Looking for your release (when ready, of course)
    Windows 10 x64, Z170A Gaming Pro Mobo, i7-6700K CPU (no O/C), 16 Gb DDR4 RAM, GTX1060 6 Gb, P3D v5.1.12, Toposim meshes, FTX Global Base, Vector, OpenLC EU, OpenLC North America, OpenLC South America, OpenLC Africa, Trees HD, ASP3D, ASCA.

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    Usually it's the other way around but with P3Dv4 (plus 3th party sceneries) we've come this far that i mistook the first foto in your post #3, Mark, as a screenshot.... How cool is that, éh ?....

    I did not see the follow up photos yet and it was at first glance of course but i even felt surprised that it happend to be a real photo instead of a P3Dv4 screenie.

    Interesting plane, Interesting project, Thomas !

    Must've been a wonderful experience, Mark !


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    Your work bringing this overlooked aircraft into P3D4 is much appreciated.
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".
    Commodore 64

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    Seeing threads like this, makes me at times want to come back to simming.

    I have a lot of flying hours (over 100) in a British registered Broussard and so if you ever need anything just ask and will see what I can do for you. Got a lot of time for this aeroplane, be good to see one in the simulator world again. Had some wonderful trips in her, all over Europe.

    IMG_2827 by Martin Pengelly, on Flickr

    IMG_2769 by Martin Pengelly, on Flickr

    IMG_2745 by Martin Pengelly, on Flickr


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    I cant say that this plane its a beauty but the model it is!
    Webmaster of yoyosims.pl.

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    Work is slowly, slowly going on. Base exterior model is not finished yet. But it works perfect in P3DV4. Time to show update.

    Hope you like it.


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    Bravo - happy to follow your progress.

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    just found pictures of real bird, made 2011 in EDFM Mannheim/Germany by me. They are never published. It shows F-GPRN, today reregistered to D-FMCA.

    The MH-1521 Broussard has the same PW-Engine with 450 hp like the DHC-2 Beaver, but a more significant sound. I can hear that deep sound very often in my hometown Heidelberg. D-FMCA is based 15 miles away at Mannheim.

    Now I have to find a date in Mannheim to make detail pictures of real cabin/cockpit. We will see, what happen...

    One new update shot of native P3DV4 of exterior. There will be a naive FSX too, I am sure.


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    Bonjour, avant tout recevez mes meilleurs voeux pour 2019 ainsi qu'à vos proches.

    Voilà un bel avion que j'utilise sur FSX (bien que désuet), je suis heureux de voir votre nouveau projet plus qu'alléchant et en plus avec cette version amphibie peu connue.

    Merci pour ce cadeau à venir, BRAVO

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    Bonjour, je n'ai pas suivi le Freeware-projet plus loin après avoir découvert qu'ATsimulations travaille sur une version Payware. Celui-ci est sorti il y a quelques jours et il a l'air en pleine forme.

    Du point de vue actuel, il est peu probable que je continue à travailler sur ce projet à l'avenir. Je suis désolé.


    Hi, I didn't follow the freeware project any further after I found out that ATsimulations is working on a Payware version. It was released a few days ago and actually looks great.

    Whether I'll continue working on the project in the future is unlikely from today's point of view. I'm really sorry.


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    for what it's worth, there is no way that I will consider buying the ATS payware version since we have discovered that you need an internet connection to start the engine and / or fly the plane. If you were to reconsider finishing your version, you would be guaranteed at least this one customer for it . . .

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