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    RAF Khormaksar V4

    Ive just uploaded a 4th version of this airfield, its one of my favorite place's to fly and there were a few things i wanted to improve , pay attention to the read-me---

    This scenery for RAF Khormaksar V4 (OYAA) 01/12/17
    This is version 4 (V4) with re-worked LC, roads and coastline, ive basiclly reworked the coastline's with SBuilderX313 using period maps and google earth, ive also retro'd the LC, and expanded out the admin and married accomodation to the south of the airfield using custom made objects with FSDS

    If you have any older versions, best deactivate and delete them

    VERY IMPORTANT-you will find a folder included named "FSX-Scenery-World-Scenery" look inside and copy and paste the included OYAA_ADEX_IE_ALT.bgl into your FSX/Scenery/World/Scenery folder to fix any altitude issue's

    Airfield found in SELECT AIRPORT / Yeman, Aden Intl ( OYAA )

    I would seriosly recommend


    by Michael Speck, available from Avsim, this is mesh for FS2004 but works just fine for FSX, the airfield and harbour lies
    within an old volcano, this mesh really highlights this and makes for enjoyable flying

    "classic_libraries_v4a.zip" by Wolfgang Gersch, available from Flightsim, its a big download and i know a few people dont like using FS9 objects and texture's in FSX, but im afraid there's no way around it, i have no problems myself and frames are pretty good. There are FSX updates for these librarys but i havent installed them yet,

    Im also using Ted Andrews RAF buildings from IanP collective librarys, found at .http://www.ianpsdarkcorner.co.uk/ye-...nloade-filess/

    Mike Hudson's great RN ships----


    Ai aircraft you will need, all by John Young and available from Flightsim.com---


    You need this Hunter ai pack by John Young installed for my repaints---
    find repaints and cfg entries in seperate folder, "Ai Hunter textures" included with this zip


    jy_canberras_ai_fsx_1.zip with repaints fsxraf13pr9.zip by Dale Ashcroft

    as an extra, if you have "jmai_dc4_traffic.zip" by Michael Pearson installed, found over at Avsim, you'll see a USN C54 turn up now and again
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    Ian just okayed this, so I've got to get it packaged up and U/L'd, then put in the new Khormaksar and drop some multi-cultural inclusiveness where it belongs Attachment 56048Attachment 56049Attachment 56050Attachment 56051Attachment 56051Attachment 56052Attachment 56053Attachment 56054Attachment 56055

    Oh, yeah, and this...Attachment 56056, though I'm still hunting for Msr. Forster...see if that smokes 'im oot.

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    Maps of Khormaksar

    Ian, thanks for your Middle East scenery for the 1960s - I lived in Kuwait from end 1959 to 1970 and remember periodic visits from RAF aircraft, coupled with the KOC Twin Pioneers (anyone more talented than I fancy doing a repaint !). Every Friday (I think) an Argosy would fly over from Bahrain - rumour was that that was loaded with goodies for the British Embassy - a potential "Whisky Galore" situation had any mishaps occurred.

    Not sure whether this is of interest, but there is a very detailed map of the airfield and adjacent camp on the bpadenkids.com website - look in the gallery section, one panel is headed "maps" and within that there is a link to "Aden Maps-Jane Thorpe". Nothing on Falaise though ...

    Also - assuming that you've already come across radfanhunters.co.uk.

    Thanks again, Colin

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    Thanks for the comments Colin, but ive never seen those maps before, its usually the nature of things that once you finish something, you stumble onto better information that could make your scenery even more accurate, those maps are really great. I probably wont be doing a V5 in the near future as i have my mind on other things, i only got my fingure out and play'd with V5 after watching the BBC series "Last Post" ( actually, a very enjoyable drama, but CGI Lightnings on the flightline instead of Hunters, come on Auntie, do your research, i expect better from my licence fee ) but actually, im quite happy that my scenery is pretty close to the real lay out

    thanks again, ian

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    Been looking forward to the Beverley Lazarus. Hope that will be uploaded soon.


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    A couple of weeks ago I created the Falaise airstrip at Little Aden. I only used google earth for placing everything as I couldn't find any usable pictures on the web. If you guys like it I can share it.

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    Looking good,Ill take it

    cheers ian

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDIvey View Post
    Been looking forward to the Beverley Lazarus. Hope that will be uploaded soon.

    Same here....

    FSX Steam Edition (R.I.P. FSX Acceleration disks)
    Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, 16 Gigs Ram (R.I.P. WIN XP Home Edition, 2 Gigs Ram)
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    WD Black 1 TB
    ASUS Xonar DS 7.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by ian elliot View Post
    Looking good,Ill take it

    cheers ian
    Here you go Ian.

    For everyone that is going to use it, If you have Ian's RAF khormaksar installed then everything should work as I used the same library objects that Ian used in his scenery.

    Cheers, Randy

    Falaise Airstrip.rar

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    On the runway, the aircraft bounces

    There is a solution?

    http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=81650&dateline=141228  2824

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    Ive just installed this airfield myself, and ive not noticed a problem, so im not sure i can help although other's may chip in with a solution. My set up has changed quite significantly since i released Kom 2 years back. Its one of my favorite place's to fly but need re-working to fit my new Orbx purchases

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    Yes, nice nest!

    http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=81650&dateline=141228  2824

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    Hi Zoltz, just thought of something, Check in Scenery/World/Scenery, Have you got a Bgl "OYAA_ADEX_IE_ALT.bgl" If you haven't, it should be in the original zip and will need to be installed,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ian elliot View Post
    Hi Zoltz, just thought of something, Check in Scenery/World/Scenery, Have you got a Bgl "OYAA_ADEX_IE_ALT.bgl" If you haven't, it should be in the original zip and will need to be installed,

    I use this bgl file, but....

    http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=81650&dateline=141228  2824

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