B-50 "Lucky Lady II" Screenshots
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Thread: B-50 "Lucky Lady II" Screenshots

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    B-50 "Lucky Lady II" Screenshots

    At the risk of over-populating the release thread, here are some screenshots of "Lucky Lady II", one of the included paint schemes with Manfred Jahn's wonderful B-50. Though I've seen a number of B-29's over the years, this is the only B-50 I've ever seen in person (though only the fuselage), which is owned by the Planes of Fame Air Museum - they also own a set of KC-97 wings, which could eventually be joined to the B-50 fuselage if they ever restore it for display. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucky_Lady_II

    I love absolutely everything about this production, and thank you again to the team that made it happen and so generously gifted it to the community.

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    A very apt study of a beautiful subject. I've just had this model up for a few stretched out circuits, and I've got to say; I love everything about it.

    A big thanks to Mr's Jahn, Wolfgang, Roth, and any others who shared in the (blood, sweat & tears) it's taken to create this B-50 package.

    The combination of big visual, big noise, and solid physics left me with the distinct impression that the 'Fort was whispering in my headset, "C'mon, take me up to angels thirty, I'll show you what flying's all about." (You know how to whistle, don't ya?)

    "......Well.....next time, baby. Let me just work out a flight plan and it's a date."

    A generous share of a compelling and convincing rendering. Ghost of the B-50 lives on in the electric ether. How lucky are we?

    Thanks again (too) for the superb images, Mr. Terrell. It's all labour of love, isn't it.

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    The looks of that and the metal shine looks insane- beautiful work. Great shots

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    These just made my day. Thank you John!

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    I am never disappointed when clicking on a thread from John, thanks for the cool shots
    You take it easy.. and have a nice day

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    Really like it, thanks John

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    Magnificent FSphotography.....

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    The Real Lucky Lady II....I think

    Found the front part of her fuselage at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino.....hope they are able to restore her one day.......🙁

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 17EC0A4C-1917-46D8-8C95-78C5434718E1.jpg   6C84487A-111D-4A5E-94B5-07F4E3D61C4C.jpg  
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