(I run straight AMD, i.e., CPU and graphics card, so my issue may not apply to many readers.) A couple days ago I updated my RX580 video driver to version 17.11.1. Awhile (maybe a day later) after that I loaded up P3Dv4. The scenario screen opened fine, but the simulator would "crash" while loading after setting the scenario and selecting the "fly" button. Needless to say I was perplexed, but at least I knew the issue had something to do with the AMD video driver.

While researching and attempting to fix I came upon the solution of deleting the P3Dv4 (1) config file and (2) Shader folder and letting the simulator rebuild those two (2) items. This got me back to a working simulator and, with only default settings, over 100 fps! (This isn't the end of the story.)

I went into "options", made about 20 changes and proceeded to see the simulator CRASH again! This time, I only deleted the P3Dv4 config file and let it rebuild. Back to where I was before except 60 - 80 fps (must have something to do with the shaders). This time I started making "options" changes one at a time so I find out what might be causing the crash.

So far, AffinityMask works OK. Making changes on the "Display Options" page do not seem to cause a crash. I have also noticed that turning VSync "On" costs me between 20 - 30 fps. My graphics quality doesn't seem to suffer with VSync "Off", so I'll keep the added fps and use it somewhere else for additional "eye candy".

I will continue to update as I work through the remaining graphics pages.