Revisiting the Alphasim TSR2 in FSX
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Thread: Revisiting the Alphasim TSR2 in FSX

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    Revisiting the Alphasim TSR2 in FSX

    I was just wondering after reading and using the excellent work and help that has gone into getting other "native" fs2004 aircraft to work in FSX (The captain sim F-104 and the Cloud 9 Phantom to name two) that the same could be applied to the Alphasim TSR-2 I have tried myself without much success to my disappointment , just wondered if anyone had done anything with it or had any tips / advice of where to start ??
    thank you in advance

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    I'm downloading and giving this one a try!

    My Sim didn't like the cockpit on this one so I changed it to my b-58 panel.

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    Rob Richardson is working on an FsX native version:
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    A while back, while I was still working for Phil Perrott (AlphaSim & Virtavia), I asked him if I could put a team together for the purpose of updating the TSR2. He informed me that he did not own the aircraft source files and I would need to contact the owner. I did as he suggested and entered into discussions with that individual in an attempt to get permission to put a team together for the purpose of updating the aircraft. After some discussions we reached an impasse and unfortunately nothing came of it. I tried.

    It will be great to have a new updated version to fly around in.

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    Rob Richardson is working on an FsX native version:
    That's great news since the Alphasim version was never made freeware after it stopped being sold -- original author's decision.

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